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  1. Jaym69

    Estimate arrival

    It should come to dealer via truck and no rail. The ETA date is Feb. 8th. I checked stickers and think I figured out the dealer has another truck being built the 28th and I am guessing they are holding my truck and another that was built the same day as mine and will ship all three to the...
  2. Jaym69

    Estimate arrival

    Mine says Est 06 days under shipped. Does that mean 6 days in transit or 6 days until it ships? It is a 5 hour drive.
  3. Jaym69

    Estimate arrival

    Mine is doing the same. The tracker keeps saying something different everytime I check and seems to go backwards at times. My build date was January 20th and my dealer had another built on the 21st for their stock. I am sure the tracker is acting crazy since it is the weekend. It also says...
  4. Jaym69

    Security alarm feature

    They can be GPS located so stealing these new vehicles would not work well for the thief. Not sure if they have vibration sensors.
  5. Jaym69

    Bad dealership experience

    I would make sure to tell them that they did not care to talk with you when you wanted to talk, so you took your money and ordered from a dealer that did care.
  6. Jaym69

    Does the Ford Spray bedliner include the tailgate?

    I am not sure if it does on some, but the higher trim new tailgates have the plastic cover with the ruler and slots to hold your phone.
  7. Jaym69

    Sunoof / Moonroof question

    I have had a sunroof in my cars and trucks for the last 20+ years and never had any issues with them malfunctioning, leaking or anything. Not everyone desires a sunroof, but I believe a factory installed sunroof will work well with a small percentage of issues for only some people. I have...
  8. Jaym69

    2021 F-150 Mod Wishlist

    I am planning for the following add-ons on my Lariat Powerboost: Ford hood deflector Extang Solid Fold 2.0 bed cover Ventshade window shields Ford lower door speed stripe decal Tailgate "F150" black platinum letters ***Considering Putco lighted "Ford" grille enblem -- would like to connect to...
  9. Jaym69

    Lane Centering feature in action

    I have also wondered how it would handle something like a blowout or something similar that is irregular from normal driving.
  10. Jaym69

    Powerboost gas tank size

    Wow you came up with pictures and everything that fast. That is some good information and pictures to support it. It is amazing how much information we all have and can share as a group.
  11. Jaym69

    Powerboost gas tank size

    I am not sure why they had to have a tank size specific to only the Powerboost trucks. Maybe it is a weight thing or different shape to accommodate the hybrid system components.
  12. Jaym69

    Anybody with a retail Powerboost order get a VIN?

    I would have to say that probably all most all Powerboost retail orders are just starting to build next week and most other retail orders may have only started a few weeks ago being built.
  13. Jaym69

    Anybody with a retail Powerboost order get a VIN?

    I ordered my Lariat Powerboost 9-21-20, received VIN in early December, Window sticker available 1-13-21, build date of 1-20-21.
  14. Jaym69

    Window Sticker has Arrived!

    It was a retail order and not a dealer stock order. I believe that is the only thing special. It shows up on the dealer's website. I did not think customer orders would show up but I guess it is good advertisement to get people calling the dealer.
  15. Jaym69

    Window Sticker has Arrived!

    Here is my sticker.
  16. Jaym69

    Window Sticker has Arrived!

    I am with you there, my build date is January 20th.
  17. Jaym69

    Window Sticker has Arrived!

    Looks like your build date is January 22nd according to your window sticker.
  18. Jaym69

    Ordered 2021 F-150 Powerboost hybrid, how to find production and shipping?

    The number above the word blend at the top of the window sticker indicates build date. You will see 2202101XX the XX would be the date in January when it will be built.
  19. Jaym69

    Lag time for window sticker

    You are not alone. I was given a build week of 1-18 on my Lariat Powerboost also and the Ford tracker still lists as "in order processing" and no window sticker available yet. I expect we will get scheduled to the day this Thursday and then we will get access to window stickers and a build day.
  20. Jaym69

    F-150 Powerboost MPG test yields 29.7 MPG!

    The owners manual does say the Powerboost MPG should improve some as it gets broke in. I am not sure how many miles to achieve that but it may get better as the driver and truck learns driving style that helps improve MPGs.