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  1. 2021 F-150 on Fox Suspension Lift Kit, Fuel Wheels, Nitto Tires, Stainless Dual Exhaust

    With the lift that really really needs more tire. Looks great otherwise.
  2. Custom Build help

    Fox or bilstein shocks.
  3. Engine options

    Also recommend the EB over the coyote. The v8 sounds good, and I love it in the mustang, but it's too small to be a great truck motor. The EB has the torque and is way easier to get more out of it. I put 30k miles on my '17 3.5EB. Yeah it can take a second to downshift, but put it in sport and...
  4. More 2021 F-150 TREMOR + 2021 Raptor package details [updated Jan 19]

    It's a trim level, not an add on package. They've been explicit about that.
  5. Interior climate control - easy or not?

    Set it and forget it.
  6. (VIDEO DEMO UPDATE) Bang & Olufsen (B&O) Unleashed Sound System Review (2021 F-150) 🔊🎶🎸🔊

    If you have the option for unleashed, get it. Send like an easy choice. It's not that expensive, and well worth the cost.
  7. USB ports fast charge??

    Also wanting the wattage for the -C ports. Laptops are using the same port, so getting 100w charging direct from the truck would be awesome.
  8. Who's Albert...and what's with Granger Ford?

    I was in the area and stopped in at granger this morning. Enjoy seeing snow for the first time... Lol. Agreed with the rest. Albert is pretty awesome.
  9. What are your Truck names in Fordpass app?

    "My F-150" I'm original too.
  10. Towing Newb!! Just got my 21 Lariat

    (Payload capacity sticker - passengers - cargo) x 600. Roughly. You'll hit payload before max combined weight with a travel trailer, you'll need a wdh for any decent sized trailer anyway so axle should be covered.
  11. Lane Centering feature in action

    "in action"
  12. Finally got my truck

    Congrats on the truck. Time to update your vehicle profile. :) How's the B&O unleashed system sound?
  13. Towing Newb!! Just got my 21 Lariat

    For the towing info post your window sticker and the little yellow payload sticker on the driver doorjam. Sounds like a nice truck, enjoy it!
  14. What are you driving in the mean time?

    2012 Escape. Turned in the lease at the end of July and finally picked this up just to have something until I splurge on the '21. So mostly you just stare at it lovingly.
  15. 2021 Payload stickers

  16. Can I order 17" wheels on a Lariat?

    Youd have to get aftermarket 17s if you wanted them with a lariat. But 18s still provide plenty of meat, and the lariat 18s look better than those 17s IMO.
  17. My first truck. Where do I store my stuff in it?

    There is still a good foot or more of space under the seats. A box and no slip material will for just fine. Mine had a bunch of stuff in the 60% cubby, but there's also time off space in the center console, doors, seat backs, globe box, and under the rest seats in general. Or, you know, the bed...
  18. PB F-150 lariat vs Cybertruck triple motor

    Huh. It kicked it up to a 502A from 500A when I tried. Must be a combo with some other option. Looks like the Co-Pilot 360 prep package is what did it. Nobody would compare a base F-150 to any cybertruck. The goals are too different. I agree, 2.9s certainly isn't needed. Tri motor is a waste...