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  1. 2023 build date

    anyone have a king ranch scheduling email?
  2. Truck shortage? Who says there is a truck shortage?

    Dexter @ woodbridge Koons in VA is taking orders at 3% under invoice.
  3. Old Fart needs new ride

    From [email protected] "Sorry for or the late reply Emma, we price according to what Ford does if Ford price protects we will if they change the pricing we will honor the 2% under invoice at the time of delivery whatever that may be"
  4. Old Fart needs new ride

    I know Chapman in Horsham WILL NOT lock prices, but I'm not sure about the Chapman referenced in this posting - EHT Chapman. What say you @JerseyShoreFord ?
  5. King Ranch / Platinum Forward Parking Sensors

    I've searched the forum and have read a ton on this issue. For 2022- it appears that most, but not all King Ranch's and Platinum with FORD CO-PILOT 360 ASSIST 2.0 (which comes standard) have the sensors, despite the ordering guide stating that the forward sensing system is not included unless...
  6. 2023 360 Camera Rant

    That is correct - the tech tow was about the same price as the stand alone package. Sorry I wasn't too clear. I'm looking at a KR or Lariat
  7. 2023 360 Camera Rant

    i thought the 2022, it came with the tech tow package. At least on the builder online, i don't recall it requiring anything additional.
  8. 2023 360 Camera Rant

    I want the 360 camera package, but it requires the tow package - $1300+, and the 360 camera package is 700+. What the heck Ford!!!