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  1. 2023 F150 build date

    Just got the "we'll email you every 45 days email" :/
  2. Truck shortage? Who says there is a truck shortage?

    I went to my local dealer to test drive a '22. They had probably 10+ 22's on the lot. Manager has been driving the lariat around, MSPR around 65k, which now has 8k miles on it. I asked how much. Salesman came back and said "85k". I am looking forward to them losing money, they're so greedy. And...
  3. 2023 F150 build date

    The dealer originally added the spray on bedliner to my build. I emailed him a week after we ordered and asked him to remove it, which he said OK, but I never followed up on it. I think I will monday.
  4. My 2023 F150 build delay

    I ordered a 2023 8/15 and have not heard anything other than the initial email confirming my order.
  5. Thoughts on Avalanche Grey with black accent package?

    That’s what I ordered in my platinum. I think it’s going to look amazing. Good choice.
  6. 2023 Build and Price

    '23 isn't up yet. But if anyone knows what time of year they usually change it over, that'd be nice.
  7. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    I'll reach out and ask, see if we can d/c the BAP then. But I have 8 months until my current lease is up, so I have some time to kill.
  8. 2021+ F-150 Orders Tracking List & Stats [Enter Yours!]

    Also posted on the submission form. '23 Platinum supercrew with 3.5, avalanche grey and BAP. Ordered 8/15. Dealer suggesting it will be here around december but we'll see about that... I stayed away from the options that will delay the order.