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  1. Chip hold 7/11-9/12

    The app was able to find the truck but I didn’t activate it yet.
  2. Module number translator?

    I think you are right. The only way I found out my truck was “built” was through the ford chat. Tracker has been showing in production since 9/16. So mine is stuck in a parking lot somewhere in Michigan.
  3. Chip hold 7/11-9/12

    9/15 and in production 9/16 which is the last date I have on my ford tracker.
  4. Chip hold 7/11-9/12

    As to today I am missing the 720 modules. And according to an older post that translates the module number the 720 is the instrument cluster.
  5. Chip hold 7/11-9/12

    Well a little update, but nothing I would bet on. Chatted with Ford today and the rep couldn’t give me an estimate when the truck would be out of chip hell, but the expected delivery would be Oct 3 thru 9th. I find that wishful thinking.
  6. Module number translator?

    I thought that, but my 18 F-150 has modules in blue so I don’t think they are the ones missing.
  7. Module number translator?

    As the subject says, is there a thread or spreadsheet on here that translates the module number to what it’s for?
  8. Factory Chip Hold?

    Damn!!! Did you ever get an office email from Ford saying your order is on hold?
  9. Chip hold 7/11-9/12

    Well didn’t realize this thread was on here. As of last week I thought my order was progressing nicely. 702a Platinum PB. Blend date 9/15 In production 9/16 So I was expecting to get next the built email soon. But on a hunch I messaged ford and they told me my order is on a “micro chip factory...
  10. Factory Chip Hold?

    Thought I was cooking with gas last week. I received the in production date 9/16 and my window sticker. Also it looks like my modules populated on the as built Motorcraft site. So this morning I reached out through the Ford messenger and was informed my order is “micro chip at plant on hold”...
  11. ⏰ F-150 Scheduling This Week (9/12) For Build Week 10/12. 2023MY Scheduling Begins 9/22/22

    Just curious if anyone who has 9/12 build week had their truck built yet?
  12. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (6/27) For Build Week 8/8

    Well this just came in from Ford on my wife’s order. Maybe Ford has been listening that the lack of communications about customer orders stuck in purgatory is not good customer service. At least it’s something since the order confirmation email.
  13. Those who ordered in March

    New to forum, so this may have been asked already. But I am curious how many of y’all who ordered your 2022 F-150s around the last week in March have gotten a build date?