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  1. Used PowerBoost's Pro Power during Hurricane Ian blackout

    No, I just haggled with them on the price. Truck is on its own standalone account. $15/mo unlimited, no throttling / caps / etc... No contract either. When I got the truck, the service was already in its trial. I went to their site https://myvehicle.att.com/#/ford/learn?language=en&country=US...
  2. 2023 Factory Build - Which features would you keep or get rid of?

    Not much you can do about that -- the truck is full of electronics if you want them or not. Better to take advantage of those features. People look at where things are -- lots of the electronic features are being upgraded in their utility with subsequent updates. Ford's software is lacking the...
  3. Used PowerBoost's Pro Power during Hurricane Ian blackout

    If you notice the truck lock into 1k RPM it's in 'running generator' mode. If your RPMs are not at 1k (not counting initial warmup, etc) it's gone dumb and needs reset. Report these issues to Ford so that we can make sure they're focusing on such issues. Also make sure your anonymous data...
  4. Torsen front diff, 4HI on dry now okay?

    adding it to my XLT, I agree :)
  5. 2023 Factory Build - Which features would you keep or get rid of?

    And the 2.7 ecoboost you wanted (also w/ out 20s because again, waste of money) No contest man, all that extra for $200? Hell yeah. PB as I suggested above (don't forget 360 cams which were included in that price sheet on my first post)
  6. 2023 Factory Build - Which features would you keep or get rid of?

    Honestly, the powerboost has a lot of hidden options on it. PB 4x4 302a XLT Sport Appearance 360 cams (adds tow-tech) interior work surface B&O (fold flat storage needs a use case for me to suggest it, I don't use it) Bed utility There's a thread here to add copilot assist 2.0 for ~$400 in...
  7. 3% Under invoice on a 2023 F-150 Order @ Granger Ford

    I've been watching several vehicle prices throughout september and the market is crashing pretty hard. There's one dealer I've found advertising trucks for up to 6.5k under sticker... https://www.laurafordofsullivan.com/
  8. Used PowerBoost's Pro Power during Hurricane Ian blackout

    Fun fact, you can hook a 12v 2kw grid-tie inverter up to the battery on the power boost and pull another 2k off it bumping the system output to 9kW+ if you had such an inverter and the know-how to do it. You can also just connect a 2kW inverter up to the 12v under-hood battery and be good to go...
  9. Torsen front diff, 4HI on dry now okay?

    It's just a simple variable pressure electric clutch. Nothing fancy about it. ECU sends it a PWM signal and it just applies the pressure. The marketing is mostly fluff.
  10. Used PowerBoost's Pro Power during Hurricane Ian blackout

    You'll find the truck to be extremely efficient, especially with light loading and 'hybrid' mode active. By my calculations, you'll get 7kWh per gallon out of it. Keeping the load at 1.5kW or below and hybrid mode should be active. Above that mark and you may see reduced efficiency unless...
  11. Torsen front diff, 4HI on dry now okay?

    Torsens are great diffs, but diffs nonetheless. There's no center diff available in the F150, just simply a locking center(XL / XLT), a slipping center (4a), and a slipping center that can lock (raptor / tremor) -- and the latter is only needed for some heavy 4WD action (I personally don't see...
  12. Windshield replacement worry about camera?

    It 'may' need to be recal'd -- then again it may not. FWIW, the recalibration is to reset the module and then just drive in the center of the lane. Keep in mind the windshield has heating elements in it in the camera area and potentially where the wipers are. Don't let bubba's glass handle...
  13. Tesla Cybertruck is waterproof and can serve as a boat to cross rivers, lakes & calm seas 🤯

    Now if they could only make it tow a respectable range and not look like schit....
  14. Hidden 12v Gel Cell Deep Cycle Battery

    This battery powers the ECU and other electronics during startup. I personally wouldn't use it for any high-current tapping. Given the wire size, with a sustained draw you could prevent the battery from charging. While your device may be happy eating 12 or 13v for operation, the battery isn't...
  15. Real world power outage dealt with using Powerboost ProPower 7.2kw with dropcords

    Create a check list / order of operations for your connection and leave it in the box / connection area. If it's needed in a moment of chaos you'll at least have something to fall back on / proceed without actually thinking about what you're doing.
  16. Current interest rates for new cars through Ford financing?

    Credit rating plus down payment end up determining your rate. Keep in mind so long as finance rate < inflation, they're paying you to borrow.
  17. Risk Management - Did you ever use your F150 Ford Extended warranty?

    I don't understand those who waste money on $0 deductibles myself. If something fails and it's less than $100 or even $200, I'll order it and swap it myself regardless. I don't want stealerships touching my vehicle unless it's needed. On top of that you've got the time involved in dealing...
  18. The Next-Gen 2023 Ford Super Duty Has Landed! 2 New Engine Options, ProPower Onboard, Smart Towing & More

    The demand curve. If you're comparing yourself to the competition looking for direction, you're not a leader.
  19. Adding Co-Pilot Assist 2.0 with Forscan?

    There is some 'discussion' between the two (nav and speed recognition). Sometimes I make a turn and the IPC will suddenly display the speed of the road not seeing a sign (happens on pre-mapped I believe). There's a state highway here under construction and the truck will suddenly jump to 55mph...