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  1. Cost of Waiting for the ESP Plan?

    Any ideas on what the increase will be in October? I thought I read here somewhere that they are going up on 10/4. I have been debating getting one, but would rather wait until I am closer to the end of my 3/36 mfg warranty. But if it is going to be a big jump, I will bite the bullet now.
  2. No WiFi Hot Spot-Dead Modem?

    Thanks bud! I forgot about that one. I will give it a go later today.
  3. No WiFi Hot Spot-Dead Modem?

    I forget how the master reset is done. Don’t you hold down the > button and something else at the same time?
  4. No WiFi Hot Spot-Dead Modem?

    I just recently upped my AT&T plan for 6 months and have confirmed with AT&T that my account is active, and nothing on their end shows an issue. I am wondering if one of these OTA updates may have disabled something. I’m at a loss. I’m in a 21 PB Lariat Job 1, and I have the most recent updates...
  5. Powerboost whistle?

    My “whine” on my 21 PB Lariat has been deemed a “characteristic” of the PB. I just brought it in last week for this and shudder. While I am pleased that the shudder is gone, I am not buying that the obnoxious whine is normal, especially when it wasn’t there when the truck was brand new. This is...
  6. KR Leather Steering Wheel Peeling

    Try getting the latest TSB for shudder installed at your dealership. I have almost 19k on my 21 PB Lariat and it cleared it up completely. In fact this thing has never run and shifted better, even when brand new.
  7. Start Up Chimes

    Thanks Jesse. I’ve debated getting the necessary parts so I can rely less on the dealer. If you don’t mind my asking, what do I need to pull this off myself?
  8. Start Up Chimes

    1FTFW1ED3MFB90339 I can’t thank you enough! Same goes for the last post. I will try that next time it happens. This site is the balls! People like you guys make it what it is!
  9. Start Up Chimes

    Thanks for the reply. I should have picked up this myself, as far as where the sound is coming from. Would this apply to the Unleashed as well? That’s what I have.
  10. TSB22-2224 Like Night and Day - bucking uphill stopped

    This was a dealership trip. No OTA for this one that I am aware of.
  11. Start Up Chimes

    I’ve had an ongoing intermittent issue with losing my sound. I have to pull the 28 fuse in the passenger kick panel to reset it. One thing that I’ve noticed is that I hear a different chime when I start it, when the loss of sound occurs. It’s a little different than the one that I hear most of...
  12. Leaking Sunroof Fix DIY

    Thank you for taking the time to put this together. Being a fellow sunroof owner, it may come in handy someday. Knock on wood that I’ve had no issues in over 18000 miles, but one never knows when that could change.
  13. PowerBoost MPG mileage averages?

    I think I did about a mile or so in the past. I don’t think I ever actually measured it accurately. I used to try to coax it into electric but I have much better results just driving as normal.
  14. PowerBoost MPG mileage averages?

    I’m at 23.1 for the life of the truck in my 21 PB Lariat. I’m at 18,800 miles. Most of my daily driving sees about 25-26 mpg. My electric miles are about 30% of the total miles. for over 400 horsies and almost 600 lb/ft of torque on a very heavy vehicle that’s just mind blowing.
  15. TSB22-2224 Like Night and Day - bucking uphill stopped

    I could not agree more. My truck has never run better.
  16. If you had to order again would you still get the PowerBoost motor?

    I have a 21 Lariat PB 502A with a couple of other options like power tailgate, sunroof, bedrug, unleashed etc. I bought it off the lot so it came with more than I needed. I’ve had my share of growing pains being a job 1 2021 built in June 21, but all of that aside, I can’t imagine a truck...
  17. TSB22-2224 Like Night and Day - bucking uphill stopped

    Darn truck, not farm truck! Not that there’s anything wrong with being a farm truck. However my two tomato plants hardly qualify me as a farmer.
  18. TSB22-2224 Like Night and Day - bucking uphill stopped

    I just got my 21 Lariat PB 502A back from the dealer. I brought it in for the whining sound and most importantly the bucking uphill and under load in high gear. The verdict, the whine is a “normal characteristic” of the PB electric motor. According to the tech it is not the tranny. I am not...
  19. 2022 F150 LasFit floor liners from Amazon

    I actually have these in my 21 Lariat PB, and I was surprised at how well they fit and look. I did not do a deep dive into details other than reading a couple of reviews, so I was surprised that these were made in China. I normally go with Weathertech, but my last set delaminated after the first...
  20. Does your 2021/2022 F150 exhibit a "whine" that undulates with engine RPM?

    Amen to that! I’m waiting for the call telling me that it is normal. I will go batshit crazy if that happens!