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  1. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    Do I win? Edit: Next day even better
  2. Latest new software update

    The wiki, being an unofficial record, doesn't break Lightning out seperate and has it as just "F-150". https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/ford-power-up-3-1-0-software-update.11335/ But I recommend you just stop trying to figure it out. Ford updates are like Who's Line Is It...
  3. Latest new software update

    Lightning and MachE had 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 But even if that's not the case, it isn't an issue. Power Up updates are not necessarily sequential. 3.5.2 could update something totally different from what is in 3.1. From the beginning: Lots of people (including me) got 1.6 before 1.4.
  4. Latest new software update

    Could be an update to the update like happened with the BlueCruse updates when 2.3 became 2.6 and so on.
  5. 2023 - Ordered Blue Cruise but email says 'Ford Co-Pilot360™ Active 2.0 Prep Package'

    The first 3 years isn't free. But it is included in the price of the package. You won't pay anything extra until after 3 years. Only 21 Job1s got 1 free year due to the delay of the OTA update. Our package did not include the subscription fee.

    That is the preference you selected. Turning off Automatic updates prompts you to select when to install. It doesn't stop downloads. But if you ignore it the update will eventually go away. Anyway as another data point, I got my update for this in June.
  7. Waze turn-by-turn on the instrument panel?

    iOS has supported the feature since 2019. It's up to Google to add it to their iOS apps. Which they may never do because typical Google... they love to buy companies and let them rot for a few years with no major changes before shutting them down. They've already moved some of the major Waze...
  8. Software update kills my truck ?

    There was a TSB last year for early 21 Powerboosts to fix that issue. They probably did that update along with the others.
  9. 10 speed transmission issues

    I've noticed that a little shake I will occasionally mistake for a rough shift but is actually just ICE ignition. I figured it out when I've watched it happen and there was no shift before or after. Ive also noticed the RPM guage going to zero in EV mode or up on ignition is slightly delayed...
  10. Half of speakers not working upon startup B&O unleashed, other issues 2022 F-150

    I had it happen twice but I'm not sure if it's a truck issue or just a passing audio glitch from the source. See I don't even need to do anything with the truck to fix it... When it's happened it's always been with Apple Music through wireless CarPlay. And I've been able to fix it by playing...
  11. lane centering and lane drift

    Lane Keeping Intestity is the intensity of the steering wheel vibration alert when you drive too far over the line. Any change you see to lane centering or "drag" is a coincidence.
  12. lane centering and lane drift

    It's a bit of semantics because both systems use the same camera to detect lane lines and provide steering input. Blame confusing Ford branding. In theory Lane Centering would never get into a situation where it's crossing the lane lanes and needs to vibrate your wheel. Although if it does...
  13. lane centering and lane drift

    Lane Keeping is not Lane Centering or BlueCruise They are different systems with different purposes. Adjusting Lane Keeping settings do not change how BlueCruise behaves. Lane Keeping is only active when you are driving yourself with BC/ACC off. It's purpose is to nudge you back away from the...
  14. Blue Cruise Not allowing hands free

    Ford already did one BC map update in February. It seems to have gone fine since there was no rush of complaints here about it. Just a bunch of people reporting they got it.
  15. adaptive cruise and WILDLIFE

    In general, no. Neither Adaptive Cruise or Pre Collision Assist are designed to detect animals. That doesn't mean that it couldn't have seen the deer and "thought" it was something else and hit the brakes. It does mean that you shouldn't expect it to behave the same for the next deer.
  16. Limitations of adaptive cruise control?

    It really depends on the situation. Per the limitations in the manual (https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/vdirsnet/OwnerManual/Home/Content?variantid=7320&languageCode=en&countryCode=USA&Uid=G2173904&ProcUid=G2187768&userMarket=USA&div=f&vFilteringEnabled=False) it may not be able...
  17. New tires toast

    It sounds like they are talking about something that happened 21 years ago so it's probably not possible to go back to that tech. And even if they were not wrong it's probably not relevant to a Ford built in 2022.
  18. Oil life monitor legitimacy

    No he has a Powerboost. Per the manual if you do low speed or short distance driving you still follow the OLM for oil changes. It doesn't specify exaxtly what it uses but it does say to expect the Oil Change Required message at different intervals depending on a few general criteria: