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  1. Talons Garage New Powerboost Skid Plate

    I do not have my plate yet, no truck yet, but look into a Fumoto valve with a nipple for a hose or this: ValvoMax Oil Drain System I got that ValvoMax for when my truck comes in. Good luck if you get that cat plate and let us know how you make out.
  2. What happens at end of factory navigation 3 year trial?

    Just of note. The OP lists a Lariat 501A in his avatar. If he did not get his 2022 truck yet, and sounds like he did not, he probably will not get the connected nav. I think that built in connected nav was axed for 501A and lower back in the early part of the year. I hope I am wrong and he has...
  3. Cost of Waiting for the ESP Plan?

    That is a great point and for most situations that would be best, but not for my situation. In my case no local dealer would even budge $1 from MSRP even for an order. In fact they told me how wonderful they are because they are not going to charge me an additional mark up. Granger worked with...
  4. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    Still on chip hold as far as I know. I am hoping before Halloween. When I ordered (1/28) my wife said "when do think you will get it"? I said I hope I get it before Halloween, so it is getting close.
  5. Ticketed for parking my PowerBoost Hybrid in a Hybrid Spot

    I think it is a typo. It is supposed to be BFA - Bumble F#*K Arkansas. :)
  6. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    Thats Great! Looks like we will not be meeting at Granger after all but people getting the trucks is a good sign for all of us. Keep us up to date with the Granger experience. I'll be glad to hear it.
  7. Bed cover with full size atv

    You could also look into a Diamondback or Renegade cover and park the ATV on top.
  8. No start after running generator

    I think he said he said he has the eco boost not the PB version.
  9. Real world power outage dealt with using Powerboost ProPower 7.2kw with dropcords

    A number of years ago I paid about $1600 for a full install. It actually was pretty extensive work and took most of the day. It even started with 2 guys working for about 1/2 the time. He also made me a thick gauge 50' 30 amp cord for the generator to the transfer switch plug in. I have not...
  10. Ticketed for parking my PowerBoost Hybrid in a Hybrid Spot

    If you plan on going to places with parking spaces reserved for hybrids on a regular basis, you should take a piece of cardboard and write HYBRID on it. When you leave just stick it on the dash where your VIN is located and snap a picture of it. Laziness may still prevail but at least you can...
  11. Anyone use a storage box like this (last boks storage organizer)?

    I like that thing. It does look "polished" however it is not a cheap date. I might see if I can make one that folds up so storing it, if need be, is easier. I also bought the Harbor Freight E Track board holders ($6 x 2). I was thinking of using a 2x3 and then hanging thin plywood for the bed...
  12. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Did those rear Bilstein 5100's come with a new set of fasteners? I think I am going to do this too.
  13. The oil filter - hard to access

    In one of the Valvomax vids I saw the guy said to make sure you open the oil filler opening on the top of the engine. That allows air to get in so it drains faster.
  14. The oil filter - hard to access

    Fumoto with the nipple so you can add a hose and the Valvomax set up is another option if Fumoto is not your thing. Oil filter drippage may be the only issue you have to clean up.
  15. 7.2kw ProPower has been removed from Factory Order

    I can't imagine that it would be cheap to make the swap, if it is even possible, but I hope it is for you. Good luck with it and thanks for keeping this thread updated!
  16. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    Great! I hope this is a good sign for you and everyone. Good luck and watch out for an email! :)
  17. Modifying Power running boards for 2021 2022 Platinum F150

    If you can take a pic of the boards extended. I have them coming on my Lariat (hopefully before Halloween) and from the limited pics I saw they were much lower than regular steps.
  18. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    And is it a Powerboost?
  19. 8/29/2022 Build Week

    That would be wonderful news for all. Let's hope.
  20. The oil filter - hard to access

    Like scott says, it is best to get a end cap that matches the number of flutes exactly. It will have more grip surface if it is exact and not a many fluted "universal" one.