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  1. TheOne

    0-60 Comparison: V8 F-150 vs RAM 1500 vs Silverado

    The Silverado not only looks like a dog (bull dog) but has the same performance. But anyone watching the full size truck market knows that GM doesn't care about real performance witness the Silverado SS.
  2. TheOne

    My impressions and review so far - Lariat Sport 3.5L EcoBoost

    Good looking truck (y)
  3. TheOne

    I Powered My House with the F-150 PowerBoost Pro Power Onboard Generator [Car and Driver]

    That was a great test thanks for sharing it. I'm going to get the PowerBoost on my F-150 and this has made my mind up on spending the extra $750 7.2kw option.
  4. TheOne

    2021 F-150 Sam Walton Edition on Jay Leno's Garage

    I like the look of the 2021 F150 the white needs to be wider but the look is there.
  5. TheOne

    Sneak peek at 2021 F-150 @ factory / production line

    Nice look at the truck was the color Quartz ?
  6. TheOne

    Watch a 2021 F-150 Hybrid Powerboost 3.5L vs Ram 1500 Hemi with E-Torque — Towing Race

    The new F-150 is going to be awesome has me really thinking about the Powerboost.
  7. TheOne

    Spotted: 8' Foot Bed on the 2021 F-150

    Man that F150 looks lonnnnnnng
  8. TheOne

    Ram TRX (T-Rex) Thoughts?

    All that HP and a lot of weight go with it.
  9. TheOne

    The 2021 F-150 Build & Price Configurator (Early Preview) Is Now Live

    No matter what cab you pick you only see the CrewCab.
  10. TheOne

    Video: 2021 F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid Walkaround, Interior and Undercarriage

    Very neat and I'm very interested in the PowerBoost.
  11. TheOne

    First 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor Video Look and Listen! V8 Engine Sound?

    Can we see this video with out the damn commercials
  12. TheOne

    Ram TRX (T-Rex) Thoughts?

    Ram, Dodge and Chrysler as a whole there answer to everything is pile on the horse power, all that power isn't any good if you can't keep it connected to the ground. I see a hellva lot of Raptor influence with the bulged fenders, Ram lettered grill and the orange lights in the hood scoop. Will...
  13. TheOne

    First 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor Video Look and Listen! V8 Engine Sound?

    The audio isn't very good it's hard to tell we hope it's a V8 but it's probably the tried and true 3.5 TT Raptor engine.
  14. TheOne

    2021 F-150 Appearance Packages Guide: Standard, Sport, Chrome, Monochromatic Paint

    I'm interested in seeing what Kodiak Brown and Smoke Quartz Metallic look like.
  15. TheOne

    2022 F-150 Raptor Prototype with New Coil Spring Rear Suspension Breaks Cover!

    Very interesting can't wait to see how it performs.
  16. TheOne

    Semi let down at the reveal

    If you where let down by the F-150 reveal you should have watched the Bronco reveal. All it was, was a extra long TV commercial I watched it I know. Talk about a let down.
  17. TheOne

    2021 F-150 Colors from Every Angle

    You are correct it is a light gray.