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  1. Non-OEM floor mats and rear storage box

    Picked up this Husky X-act rear today. Decent fit but not fantastic. But overall happy with it. Silly that this had been available since the 2021 F150 came out but no one knew the same rear as the F250 w/ folding storage was a fit until now, including husky. Edit : FYI the rear liner only is...
  2. proximity sensors on front bumper?

    Yes i believe yours will have the front sensors. Quite sure this is how it works: Lariat 501A - requires CoPilot Assist AND 360 camera package to get front sensors. Lariat 502A - requires CoPilot ACTIVE (and 360 cam) to get front sensors.
  3. Non-OEM floor mats and rear storage box

    I contacted Husky support, and they are nowhere close to releasing a rear liner for the trucks w/ folding storage. Was told their engineers haven't even looked at a truck yet because "the nearest truck is 200 miles away". You'd think since this is what they do they might be ok with spending a...
  4. 2020 Mud Flaps fit 2021 F-150?

    Yep the instructions for the rear were horrible, couldn't make out what i was looking at in the drawings. Took me 45 min for the first rear, but 5 min for the second. Wish i would have seen that video first. Fronts were much simpler to figure out.
  5. Alaska Ford shop accessories OEM fender flare / splash guards

    OK cool I thought I read they weren't available yet for 2021 model. Found a thread where someone bought them, has pics. Gotta say I'm not loving the look of the flares on the 2021.
  6. Alaska Ford shop accessories OEM fender flare / splash guards

    Quite sure those fender flares aren't compatible with 2021 model.
  7. Canadian Vehicles Ordered/Delays/Delivery Dates

    Did you look up VIN on
  8. I Edited My Special Order

    If the VIN is generated and you can pull up a window sticker with the build detail, I'm quite sure that's how the truck is going to be built. Surprising your dealer can't tell you, perhaps they know but are playing dumb.
  9. Which OEM tires on a Platinum 4x4 FX4?

    Are the OEM Dynapro AT2 really 3 peak rated, have the logo? I know most of the non-OEM versions are, but I had previously read somewhere that the OEM were not.
  10. proximity sensors on front bumper?

    Still haven't seen any confirmation either way. But there are definitely pics and videos of KRs at dealers that do not show front sensors. However Fords own website does state front sensors are standard on KR, although that may be a mistake? Not a lot of KRs out there yet, although @currybob...
  11. Sunoof / Moonroof question

    Had some issues with opening/closing the huge sunroof on my 07 Edge (had to "help" it sometimes) , and bit of leaking when in auto carwash. But that was a different type of sunroof, was pretty much the entire roof not just a cutout. Ford likely learned some lessons from those. My 17 explorer...
  12. Has anyone else dealer had a surprise bill for gps tracker?

    Definitely optional add on but perhaps your dealer includes by default and you need to opt out? If you didn't agree to it not sure how they can force you to pay for it. Better check what you signed off on though.
  13. Aftermarket floor liner options?

    The description does clearly say it fits with the fold flat storage. But not sure how that can be, maybe a typo with "with" should have been "without"?
  14. Aftermarket floor liner options?

    Oh you're right, they are listed and does state it fits models with rear fold flat storage. But the pic shows a full rear mat, and this is same model as previous gen, where fold flat option didn't exist. Doesn't quite make sense...
  15. Aftermarket floor liner options?

    The other brand, are you thinking Maxliner? I have that for my Explorer 3rd row, don't really like it at all. While the cut is good, it's very hard and doesn't sit quite right and it's slippery. Feels cheap. My first 2 rows have Ford OEM and the material is thick and rubbery, but just aren't...
  16. Non-OEM floor mats and rear storage box

    Looks like the weather tech and husky liners for the 2020 and previous will fit the 2021 from what I'm finding. However not seeing an option for the rear seat row for trucks with the floor storage box. Not a fan of the OEM mats as they seem to not cover as much, including under the gas pedal...
  17. Husky wheel well liners

    Has anyone confirmed if the Husky rear wheel will liners for the 2020 model and previous fit the 2021? Opted not to go with oem liners, thought I may wait and go with husky as they cover a bit more. The Husky site lookup tool says the 2020 liner "may not fit" but doesn't yet list an option for...
  18. XLT & Lariat Sport Tires: Closer Look at the Goodyear Wrangler Territory A/T

    OEM tire versions specifically "tuned" to wear out in 20,000 miles is my experience.
  19. Changing the Lariat Sport Brown Accents

    Quite sure that rendering is wrong. Any real life pics of Canadian Lariat Sports have the red-brown accent.
  20. Power Mirrors: Don't open when you turn the Lariat on?

    From the owners manual: "The exterior mirrors fold when you lock your vehicle and unfold when you unlock your vehicle." Autofold can be disabled. See page 140 of the manual.