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  1. Anyone get a problem free 2021 F-150?

    so far, Problem free PB 2000km.Best vehicle that I’ve ever owned.
  2. Gaps between box floor and sides normal?

    My 6.5’ is the same. From the comments must be normal.
  3. Powerboost Issue

    no issues at all. I can't even tell when it changes gears and it is very smooth.
  4. Explain Leveling to me like I am a 2nd Grader

    Mileage will decrease with leveling. However what usually kills the mileage is people often add larger rims and tires (heavier).
  5. Did the last OTA fix Zone lightning?

    I got the update a few weeks ago as well. I assume it fixed the problem. Haven’t had a problem and the complaints seem like they have disappeared.
  6. 7.2KW generator not able to handle a circular saw

    I have the 2.4 watt generator and have used a circular saw and grinder many times without any problem. I have a Honda 2200 watt generator and the truck generator seems just as reliable.
  7. How to temporarily disable Auto-Hold

    Yes and yes
  8. I can’t believe this happened...

    I give you credit for standing your ground but wow that was such a long wait. You waited so long that the dealer should have made things right and especially if they said they would. Good for you but sadly the dealer has probably already sold your truck. You have more stamina than myself to...
  9. Dash Cam Placement

    I used the same adapter. Nice and clean and very simple.
  10. I can’t believe this happened...

    I was just thinking about this recall tool. I really do not know if the vehicle needs to be sold before the VIN is recognized. Could be something unique and only works when its sold but I have no idea.
  11. I can’t believe this happened...

    You can always check for recalls using your VIN
  12. “Bubble” on instrument cluster?

    Once the pandemic bubble is gone, I'm sure it will disappear.
  13. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    The mpg that you are quoting are based on the US gallons. 10.4 L/100 km or US 22.6 mpg or 27 imp mpg. Not bad at all.
  14. Transmission shudder

    Sorry to hear your problem. So far my PB is so smooth can barely tell it changes gears. Smoothest vehicle I’ve ever owned
  15. Who's using premium gas and who's using basic gas?

    Regular all the time. Tried premium in previous vehicles and only noticed it was more expensive without any noticeable benefit.
  16. Fuel additives?

    Totally agree that it’s a waste of money
  17. Difference between 502A and 501A

    The 501a and 502a are very different in Canada. Also the upgrade to the 502a in Canada is significantly cheaper in Canada. I think it about the only thing e get a great deal on.
  18. NO POWER @ 2.4 outlet in bed

    As always with any trouble shooting, need to ask a simple question. Did you turn it on?
  19. Rust on rear end of 2021 F-150 -- any others?

    you have to wonder how the heck did this even happened and why didn't ford deal with it. Even if it is minor it really looks bad on Ford to have any rust on a new vehicle.