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  1. Moon roof damage during transport

    It looks like the transporter didn't provide enough clearance or lock rails in place. The constant rubbing from the drive from the factory probably caused those deep etching. Did you happen take a pic of the VIN? Put it out there on the forums of this damage for someone who might be searching?
  2. Windshield Transportation Markings ?

    The dealer had 31 miles on my F150. It just came off the truck in the last 48 hours because it wasn't even prepped for the lot/show. I wasn't bothered by it.
  3. Radar map -- a feature some don't know about in 2021 F-150

    I haven't been able to cast any movies onto the 12" screen with any Android apps. Waze isn't SYNC4 capable. Also, this might be a huge distraction if the truck is in motion.
  4. Dash cam options?

    I really hate how Ford doesn't offer the ability to record from the 360 cameras. This just seems like the modification you really need. We have grill/bed/tailgate cameras. The side ones might not be at the right angle to capture video evidence.
  5. Power adjustable pedals question.

    Have this feature and it has proven useful between the two different drivers. I was told by the dealer that 2021 is the last year for pedal adjustments.
  6. Broken turn signal module putting truck out of commission indefinitely

    Do you have any idea which factory your F150 was built in?
  7. North Dakota Mystery Interior Part Game

    Mini shower caddy?
  8. Sensor faults on first drive

    Sounds like Windows product troubleshooting!!
  9. "HOW TO" Control Zone Lighting on FordPass Video

    Not at this time.
  10. Power boost platinum finally arrived!

    Congrats Daily22ssv and Bajou! Looking forward to seeing how you mod your rides.
  11. Choosing Dearborn or Kansas City for your truck's production?

    I don't believe so. I screenshot this production note from CurryBob. It quickly details which plant will handle certain build down to "Plant Specific Content" This doesn't list everything optionable.
  12. Thinking of deleting max tow...

    Depending on the type of OEM mirrors you get (standard/heated/powered/auto-folding/360 camera), you *might* be able to get the correct after-market tow mirrors and install them yourself.
  13. Illinois / Chicago Area buyers

    Did you use X-Plan or did you just negotiate? Just curious.
  14. 3.5L EcoBoost vs 3.5L PowerBoost - Net Cost Difference Only $700?

    PB does come with a bigger 30.6 gallon tank. Standard/non-maxtow/extended is 26 gallon.
  15. Got my new truck - and its gone!

    This smell is so euphoric. I can't believe they covered it sad.
  16. Lane Centering/adaptive cruise & HANDS ON THE WHEEL!

    I need to also add that I have the 360 Camera package as well. This might add to the 'better lane keeping/course correction' ability, but I'm just guessing. I did however use the dealership's 2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid with Adaptive Cruise but NO 360 cameras. This was a different experience for...
  17. Got my new truck - and its gone!

    I'd move on from this dealership A. I'm sorry the value of your trade-in might drop as you wait/search etc, but in the long run you want to be happy with the product, happy with the relationship that is being built with the Ford dealer.
  18. XLT Regrets?

    No regrets. Big differences that are apparent are leather seats and memory driver seats/mirrors/settings.