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Search results

  1. Rebates stackable on Tremors?

    Seeing some July rebates, 1500 July 4th, medical 1000, student 1000. Are these stackable on a tremor inventory or only one, or none thanks
  2. Black two tone pics?

    Anyone got any pics of their black with carbonized gray two tones? Looking at a custom order of this pairing. Thanks all!
  3. Rental truck?

    I ordered in January and my build date keeps getting pushed back. Ford says 5/12 but I’m not holding my breath. I need a truck with a trailer brake in it. I have a vacation planned with the kiddos and I don’t want to cancel because the kids are getting older and I won’t have many more...
  4. 2022 build & price when?

    Anyone have word on when Ford is updating build and price for 2022? When ordering already see changes to 2021 prices and package requirements etc
  5. Oxford white two tone pics, lets see them!

    other two tones welcome to post too!
  6. 18 to 20 wheel swap?

    Anyone do this- what was aproxmite cost? looking at sport 20's coming from the 18 sport wheels. thanks
  7. 72 month 0% APR good for how long?

    anyone know if ford expects to extend this beyond Sept 7th?
  8. KC vs Dearborn quality issues

    Is one plant proving to be more reliable than the other? What’s your experience been with your builds, esp lariat owners
  9. 5.0 vs 3.5

    Anyone driven each back to back on the 21s? Which rides nicer? Not a reliability or mpg thread just asking driving impressions of each. Thanks
  10. 500a vs 501a worth it?

    is it really worth the 1100 dollars for 501a over 500a? sound system (I'm okay w/ the stock system and can upgrade that later if needed) and garage door opener? anything else im really missing? (ill get the 400w outlet with the console configuration) Just ordered (but have time to amend)...
  11. Tinting windows?

    I'm a tint newbie, wondering what others have done as far as tinting windows to reduce heat and improve appearance with a nice match. NC is 32%. seems the 302a has some factory tint on rear and back windows... any suggestions on what to do?
  12. Rebates gone for June?

    so rebates are going away for June? on ford x plan pricing site when type in zip you get N/A for all the incentives. a salesmen told me they cut them in June. does anyone know more bout this? will they be coming back on 2021s by august or September October?
  13. STX- vinyl vs carpet floors

    Living by beach with dogs make me think vinyl flooring will be better for vacuuming. Is there any significant disadvantages to the vinyl flooring? Will likely use a weather tech or rubber Matt over anyway. Thanks
  14. Job#1 vs Job#2

    As job#2 starts in July- curious if anyone is annoyed they're getting a Job#1 built in June. will the trucks built in June be just as buggy as they were the first few months they built them- or is ford capable of fixing issues still in the same job number, in this case 1. asked another way...
  15. Lariat Leather Steering Wheel Swap?

    So the lariat sport's leather wheel is VERY comfortable. just ordered an XLT- anyone know if I can swap in a lariat wheel and how much that'd likely cost? Thanks
  16. Heavy rain driving?

    Hey for those without 4Auto, How does your truck handle regular driving in heavy rain (southeast afternoon storms for instance). I know tires and driving habits are paramount. But even with caution are you losing control on the regular and regretting not having 4Auto or is it totally fine...
  17. Order priority?

    When factory ordering - does anyone know how much time an order priority 1 saves over say a 19? I hear 19 is slowest- but by how much?
  18. Tow Mirrors vs Standard visibility issues

    Think the tow mirrors are great, but when test driving compared to standard really seemed to block my visibility for intersections and left/right turns For those that have them-Is this something you get use to? Pros and cons of each?
  19. Custom Order 500 Bonus Cash... stacking First Responder + College Grad

    Hey guys have a few questions 1. has anyone seen the new 500 "bonus cash" on fords website for custom ordering between 4/1 and 7/6. is this stackable with any other offers such as 750 College Student and/or First Responder 500? 2. are College student 750 and First Responder 500 even...