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  1. 5,000 LB. max for warranty without tow package?

    My dealer said the same thing, then I showed them the part in the F-150 tow guide that says above 5000lbs, you need a 17T,53A,53B,53C. If you look at the power boost tow ratings, it has disclaimer "5" that if you want to go above 7000lbs for powerboost, you need the normal trailer tow package or...
  2. 5,000 LB. max for warranty without tow package?

    The Powerboost 4x4 701A 5.5' can tow up to 7,000lbs w/o TT package, though it can go up to 11,000 with the TT package. According to the documentation.
  3. What are the heavier options to avoid to increase payload?

    Here is a Plat at my dealer. I am avoiding towing packages and will upgrade sway bar if I want to tow anything heavier than 7k as that is the only improvement for $1k. Ordering a 701A 4x4 PB shortbed myself.
  4. GAWR (axle) stickers for regular/max tow and EB/PB

    I think I see then issue here: -Google So the 20" wheels and/or tires are most likely reducing the rating. Maybe the axle could be the HD version, but without the wheels equipped with the HDPP, it can't get that rating? The old 20" sport wheels on Lariats used to lower the payload by 250-300lbs.
  5. Towing test with 2021 Powerboost F-150

    It is only on the PowerBoost as electric vehicles are near silent compared to an ICE.
  6. GAWR (axle) stickers for regular/max tow and EB/PB

    Everything, but the PB engine and 701A. So no MaxTow, 7.2kw, or fold down storage. Who knows, maybe I will get closer to the 1500. Going to toss in a bed mat, so I can always remove that if needed and this build only lacks the solid stabilizer bar of the Trailer Tow Package
  7. Towing test with 2021 Powerboost F-150

    Bumper Seems to be the only thing that is documented in more than one place. I have seen upgraded brakes in one place and a axle is a couple, though I am not to sure. Ford documentation seems to confuse as a bit. Though the frame data seems to have been updated from 2020: I forget if they had...
  8. GAWR (axle) stickers for regular/max tow and EB/PB

    I went to the dealer to change my order from a Lariat 502A to a Platinum 701A. They had a nice looking Plat in the show room. Though it had to much extra cost ($4,374) and weight on it. 4x4 PowerBoost 145 SuperCrew 701 Platinum Max Tow Twin Panel MR Spray in Bedliner Lockable Storage 7.2KW...
  9. Towing test with 2021 Powerboost F-150

    I think Max Tow only costs more in payload and money w/o adding anything really relevant. You get a stronger bumper and bigger rear brakes, though I can't see how anyone can take advantage of that w/o being massively overweight in payload. I am also not as confident about the "upgraded" axle...
  10. GAWR (axle) stickers for regular/max tow and EB/PB

    According to Ford documentation, you can't increase the rear axle weight rating by getting the Max Tow for the specs you gave. Though oddly enough, if you drop 4x4, you can increase the rear axle w/ max tow: 5.0L PFDI 4x2 145 w/ Max Tow 7,050 2,335 845 3,450 (Front) 4,150 (Rear) 2,748 1,963...
  11. GAWR (axle) stickers for regular/max tow and EB/PB

    The more I look into the data and specs, it feels like I have more questions. There is a HPP frame for 145, though someone posted a HD frame sticker for a Max Tow + PowerBoost on this forum. If that doesn't have the HPP, I am not sure what build would. I wonder if this is plant specific thing...
  12. GAWR (axle) stickers for regular/max tow and EB/PB

    The rear leaf springs correlate with the axel weight rating 3800 or less get 2, while anything above that gets 3 leaf springs. The Max Tow used to be a bargain for the EB, not anymore due to the price hike. Though having the max tow on the PB has very little use cases as most trailers at that...
  13. GAWR (axle) stickers for regular/max tow and EB/PB

    So one of my last statements is incorrect, the Max Tow does NOT get the same rear axel as the HDPP, as the HDPP is rated at 4800lbs. The max tow that I have seen only 4150lbs. The only benefits you get with Max Tow is an upgraded bumper and rear brakes for a PB as it can't use the 36 gal and...
  14. Towing test with 2021 Powerboost F-150

    Wow, awesome man! You rock! Though I am utterly dumbfounded. If a Max Tow PowerBoost has a HD frame and not a HPP, then I have no idea what configuration that would use the HPP frame on the 4x4 145 SuperCrew.
  15. GAWR (axle) stickers for regular/max tow and EB/PB

    There are a lot of ways to get 3.73 w/o HDPP. The best way is to get a higher trim or ask the dealer if it is a bug. There is no HDPP on the Lariat or higher, though you can get 3.73 with a lot of builds. In regards to frames, I wrote this up today. The only things associated with engine is the...
  16. 2021 Frame Correlation

    I am working on this matrix to see what frames go with what build outs. The Greens mean pretty much guaranteed to be that way based off restrictions in the build & price as well as different notes from different documents. I am pretty sure the details are accurate, but I could have made a typo...
  17. Towing test with 2021 Powerboost F-150

    Thanks for recording the information. Could you also do the following: 1) Saw you had a 100+ posts, so manage to find Payload: 1317 2) Found sticker here as well: 3) Take a picture of the PN sticker on the frame...
  18. GAWR (axle) stickers for regular/max tow and EB/PB

    The frames are the following: LD HD HPP One of the spec sheets shows which wheel bases have which frames, but doesn't really show how any tow packages impact this. My only assumption is that the HDPP uses the heavier HPP. Seeing that the there are HPP frames for 145 WB super crew, this shows me...
  19. Aftermarket floor liner options?

    Ignore that last part. :) I got it cheaper on Amazon, I would check Amazon first.
  20. Aftermarket floor liner options?

    The PN for the 2021 is the same for the 2020, granted I only looked at the SuperCrew. Granted if you have the under seat flip up storage, it won't work. I ordered a set, though don't have a truck to confirm.