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  1. Order conversion process (2022 to 2023)

    As far as I've read, Ford is not planning on converting any 22s to 23. That's why they stopped taking 22 orders so early.
  2. Engine pinging/soark knock

    It's not pre-ignition detonation. Octane boosters will not do anything (because they are joke snake oil) for this noise. It's valve train noise.
  3. (UPDATED 8-5-22) Whipple Supercharger Issue 2021 F150 5.0

    Did YOU watch the video? He states it's fine to drive on dry pavement, his opinion is that it might "increase the pressure on the driveline", whatever that's supposed to mean.
  4. (UPDATED 8-5-22) Whipple Supercharger Issue 2021 F150 5.0

    Gotta hear the explanation on this one.
  5. RAPID RED F-150 (2021+) Club

    The headlights/taillights were one of the main reasons I went BAP. So.....
  6. 4/4/22 Build Week Group

    Ford announced a couple weeks ago that they were suspending dealer stock orders, so I don't think what your dealer told you is accurate.
  7. 4/4/22 Build Week Group

    BCE modules populated this morning.
  8. My PCO will expire before delivery. Am I SOL?

    There will also be a start date on that PCO, not just an end date. If it expires 4/04, it started 1/04. I ordered 12/20. Received PCO 1/6 stating "take delivery or order from 1/04 to 4/04". Knew I wouldn't get my order delivered by 4/04 so I placed a new order on 1/24. Ironically, my first...
  9. Cup holder light installation/media bin light/glove box light

    I got the complete assembly that included the light ring. Are all the plugs in the trucks the same? I thought I read earlier that some guys had the correct connector and some didn't. I don't have my truck yet, getting built next week, so should I wait to get the harness until I see what's in there?
  10. 4/4/22 Build Week Group

    Don't know where to add my info, but Order 1-24 VIN 2-10 Sequence 2138 (I think?) 1FTFW1E51NFB11390
  11. 4/4/22 Build Week Group

    Mine was available this morning. 4-05 blend.
  12. Leadfoot 502 A 3" Rough Country lift Kit with Vertex Shocks and 275/65 R20 Pirelli Scorpion

    What size is the rear block that comes with this kit? I can't find that listed anywhere.
  13. 2021 and newer 5.0 Cylinder Deactivation

    Not really. I should have stayed quiet and let you wallow in your self-induced paranoia.
  14. 2021 and newer 5.0 Cylinder Deactivation

    Did you read your article? It said the exact same thing I said, it's only affecting trucking going into Canada and not out of Canada. And it mentions that it's affecting Ford's Windsor Engine Plant, which does not make F150 engines. Nowhere does it say " apparently Ford’s engine parts are...
  15. 2021 and newer 5.0 Cylinder Deactivation

    Who is telling you that? The Canada border blockade is only affecting things going into Canada, not out of Canada. And the 5.0 is not built at the Windsor Engine Plant.
  16. ⚫️Pics: Black Appearance Package on 2022 F-150 XLT and STX

    Sounding negative about it is fine. But just remember that the aesthetics are 100% subjective. A lot of people might think it's the best looking thing ever. Neither them nor you are wrong or right.
  17. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    It's only 1/4" per side. And the front track width is slightly less than the rear stock.
  18. Factory Wheels with Aftermarket Tire Thread

    How much rake did you have before? A lot of these trucks have 3.5" of rake, so 1.5" is to be expected with these coilovers. As far as the tire being close to the balljoint, get a set of 1/4" spacers for the front and you'll be good.
  19. 2022 MISSING FEATURES: Ambient Lighting & Differences In DEATC between 2021 and 2022 F-150s?

    Maybe we just discovered where all of those 21MY trucks that were sitting waiting on chips are going to. lol