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  1. Fumoto drain valve

    Anyone running a fumoto drain valve on their 5.0? If so what model did you go with?
  2. Bilstein 5100 shocks fitment on 2021 F-150 (installed and feedback)

    What's up everyone, just wanted to make this thread to show everyone that bilstein 5100s do in fact fit on the 2021 models. I know there was some confusion on what does and doesn’t fit on this new gen. I even remember seeing someone say that they reached out to bilstein to confirm fitment and...
  3. California ReadyLift 2.25 leveling kit

    Used in great condition ReadyLift 2.25 inch leveling kit spacer made out of CNC billet aluminum. Selling for $120 shipped or $100 local in Los Angeles, CA.
  4. Oil Brand Recommendations

    Hello everyone, I'm getting ready to do my first oil change on my 5.0L XLT 4x4. I'm at about 1,100 miles right now and just wanted to see what you guys recommended for oil brands? I have ran Amsoil before in the past on my GT500 and Ranger with great success but wanted to see what everyone else...
  5. "Something Big coming to the Ranch" [on Feb. 24] Ford Announcement

    Has anyone noticed the advertisement today on Fords Instagram page story? It's stating something big is coming to the ranch and had a date of February 24th! Does anyone know anything about this?