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    I have that truck on order with BAP and was looking at those wheels as one of my 2 options. Did you ever finish the build?
  2. Black Out Package fender emblems up close

    That truck was a BAP until Ford performance got their hands on it. Those emblems are not the standard BAP they are a performance part. The tailgate had a black panel across it and that does not come on bap except for platinum, and the wheels were different. If you want the black chrome talk...
  3. Black Out Package fender emblems up close

    The Black Appearance Package is not black chrome. It is gloss black and they look different. That was a custom show truck and not a standard package.
  4. Black Appearance Package for 2022 F-150 -- First Look

    Ordered My Truck for the second time in Oct. 2 weeks ago my dealer told me to delete the bed liner since Line-x is nicer and the same price. The following Monday I got scheduled for week of 4-4. He also advised against any kind of cover