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  1. Carplay only connects wireless

    I am tempted to do the wired for the better audio quality as well as the charging. The wireless charging by Apple plugged in an adequate adapter in the 12V accessory port barely supplies power to keep the charge constant. If I have to plug in the lightning port anyway, might as well have wired...
  2. Does your truck fit in your garage?

    Nope. Per German law, they are allowed to tack on garage cost to the rent. So, additional 3x 50 Euro for each of the 3 "garages" which can barely fit a fiat 500. Hence I street park. I would have been able to park in the space occupied by the 3 garages. But the locals are just taking advantage...
  3. What you wish you would have done differently before retirement?

    All sound advice. It is CRAZY how 680million Europeans rely on the government to make these decisions for themselves. They I constantly see pensioners here complaining how their government retirement (think social security) and government provided healthcare is not enough. Many of these people...
  4. Livernois 5.0 tune review

    Does the tune do something for throttle response as in making it less fatiguing? I want the "stiffness" of Eco, but power of Normal. Basically, I just want the pedal to not be so sensitive, but the power to be there when pressed down a little more. My BMW is like that in Eco and Normal and only...
  5. Will I regret going with XL?

    In my childhood, an SUV was a 4x4 body on frame. Nowadays, there are hardly any of those left, most are either AWD or unibody. The few 4x4 body on frame and much pricier than a truck. I believe most options should be available on any trim, just like engine choices (maybe I want a 3.3 on a...
  6. Will I regret going with XL?

    I got a Lariat 4x4 5.0 500A peak covid/chip shortage for $50K. A loaded 302A would have costed me almost the same and I would give up several features that are Lariat and up like 4A, ventilated seats, leather. This is our family vehicle. A similarly priced RAM would only get me up to Big Horn...
  7. Bought a 72 hour FDRS license, anybody need anything?

    Weird request, but if available, wiring diagrams as well as any info on the B&O 8 speaker system, amp rating and wiring, Ohm, size, W, crossover frees, etc. I am not planning any swaps right now as I want to do a bit of research. Appreciated it if you find anything.
  8. 5.0 as daily

    --I have not driven the hybrid, only a 13th gen 3.5-- I daily drive my 5.0. Mostly for work, 99% city. 14-16mpg depending on how many traffic lights hit me. Took it an a couple longer trips on the autobahn and got 19-22. I didn't get the 5.0 to save money or gas. I wanted a Lariat and didn't...
  9. Concerns on the v8 over the 3.5 v6

    My only concern for the V8 is that it is heavily restricted by government requirements, EPA, DOT, CAFE, etc. The SOLE reason to move to turbo 6 over 8 is emissions and SLIGHT mpg boost. Ford could easily do a V8 Ecoboost or a V8 hybrid. HEMI has a mild hybrid. V6 turbos have been out for a...
  10. Adding Hill Descent Control to a non-FX4 4WD

    Do you need the electronic locking differential to properly add and use Rock/Crawl mode? It seems the mode uses that.
  11. Does anyone use Eco mode?

    I tried it for the throttle dampen, but didn’t like the rest of the feel. Stopped using it. I wish the pedal wasn’t so sensitive in Normal, it’s fatiguing.
  12. Whats your MPG's

  13. F-150---- V8 Gas Mileage? What MPG Do You Get??

    300 mile roundtrip to France and back. Just above 20mpg. Kind of hard when limit is much higher (or absent) than the US. Basically, Cannot do the 65-70mph cruise. And mpg really takes a hit above that. Where I live it's either 100% city at 14mpg or autobahn. I don't hit that sweet outer city...
  14. Terrible fuel efficiency or is my truck defective??

    Are the following MPGs outlandish? Truck was saying around 14 for all of them, but hand calculations say otherwise. I pretty much removed the fuel economy from my screen as it is useless. E10 91 US (95 EURO), 95% city driving. Of course the little highway driving I had was 80mph+ on the...
  15. Software Update Preferences not working?

    Is there any way to get these updates via USB or phone? I am in Germany, so no AT&T network. I have to street park and even if I pull close to the house, there is no wifi signal. Nearest dealer is 30+ miles away and is a pain to schedule anything. I have the Forscan cable if that can be used...
  16. Alarm goes off in middle of the night

    My 2021 Lariat 500A just did this for the first time. I live in a crowded German neighborhood and streetpark so it was quite embarrassing when at 9 PM a neighbor came to tell me. I don't care for the alarm in this area, just don't want it to randomly sound off. Disable sensors is the only thing...
  17. 2021 Husky Floor Liners - Do they Fit in a 2022?

    I have a 2021 SuperCrew and the front, center, and rear fit. Here is pic of the front only before I installed the rest.
  18. Best way to improve MPG on 2021/22 5.0 V8

    Drive eco mode in rwd, but why choose Coyote and then worry about efficiency. I got the V8 for smiles per gallon, not efficiency. Averaging 14.5 right now as it’s cold, pretty much city only driving. The thing goes on the autobahn when needed. And always catches the envious stink eye from the...
  19. FOUND SOMETHING: Anyone knows where can I find a diagram of all parts?

    Bump for a free version solution. Right now all I found are official Ford repair manuals (paid) and official Ford repair software (paid).
  20. KODIAK BROWN F-150 (2021+) Club

    Base Lariat here. Nice color when not overcast.