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  1. First PB Camping Trip

    For us it's going to be a game changer with our travel trailer. With all newer campers only having 12v fridges that the battery is incapable of powering for a full weekend electricity is a must. It gets even more important when you add the heating into the mix during the late season. We mostly...
  2. ICONIC SILVER F-150 (2021+) Club

    I should be taking delivery of the exact same setup soon. Looking at running boards and trying to decide if I should go chrome or black. Did you ever end up adding any to yours?
  3. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Thanks Mike...just waiting for the charger/power supply.. should be here Monday/ Tuesday.
  4. Android widget

    Works, but curiously, now it's using another angle on the truck image. It was correct before (angle "1").
  5. Truck jumps like I got hit after coming to complete stop.

    Seems to be a known problem after reading this thread
  6. 05/09/22 Build week

    ...and my Ford Vehicle Order Tracking page started working so that's new. May be unrelated but there's movement. Movement = Hope.
  7. 🧭 Track Your F-150 Order by VIN Number

    My 2022 Tremor after nine months finally arrived at the Dealership. I picked up 3 hours after sitting in the finance office. They of course tried to sell me a $4000 extended warranty. The truck had 65 miles on it! I guess I figured I would be the first one to put the first 100 miles on the...
  8. Windshield leak broke my touchscreen and dealer can't fix it

    Was the need to replace the original windshield a factory defect or damage?
  9. 01/10/22 Build Week Club

    My truck arrived at dealership yesterday
  10. 6/27/2022 Build Week

    Yes, I'll post my findings on the active air dam. I've posted the same question to various forums without response. Hope it's deleted with the snowplow prep package. If not, I'll remove it myself within the first 24 hours. Retracted or not, that thing would never survive our subzero temps...
  11. BRINK Wheels B1 FANG Product Intro

    Just got more of these shots back.... B102 FANG Royal Bronze Product Source: B102 Royal Bronze Wheels
  12. 06/6/22 Build Week Group

    That’s a 500a. I think they might be taking it off the lower trim packages. Just a guess. Mine isn’t going to be built till late July. Hope I still have it
  13. 05/09/22 Build week

    I was given the same rundown of hold ups that @mcgski was given. Arent all seats contour seats? Do they make seats that arent contoured? But I also have adaptive cruise control for my lariat. My thing is why are they not able to ship these to dealers, have the buyers sign a waiver stating no...