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  1. (Updated 8/5/22) My Review for the 2021+ FOX 2.0 COILOVER KIT! (Brand new kit made for 2021+ F-150)

    I got the full 2” on mine. Although they had to repeat the whole install twice (second time at shops expense). First time they did it I had a squat. This was when they advertised the older version as the same fit for 2021’s. Got to echo the sentiment about the ride quality. It’s so much better!
  2. Windshield Wiper Motor Recall

    Has anyone had their wiper motor recall finished yet? I just called again this morning and got the same line "we aren't scheduling for that recall, there is no ETA on the parts". I noticed the other day my wipers skipping and actually the passenger side stopped completely like the arm came...
  3. Front Shock vs Coilover replacement labor comparison

    cant speak for the eibach or bilsteins, but my fox 2.0 coilover kit is awesome! Costed about $1900 including the parts, labor and alignment. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/thr...h-fox-2-0-level-lift-impressions-review.6925/
  4. 2021 Lead Foot F-150 Lariat, leveled with Fox 2.0 Level Lift -- impressions / review

    TBH, the MPG loss is pretty minimal, the only time I notice it, is driving above 70MPH. I recently completed a 230 mile round trip and got 22.1 mpg. But that was going 55-70. If I set the cruise at 75-80 Im lucky to get 17 mpg on level ground. I'd say overall you lose 15-20% of MPG in daily...
  5. Axle Rust on 2021 F-150: My Method For Treating It

    Might be different with our job 1 '21 trucks. As far as I know, the stickers were applied after coatings were placed. Could be wrong. But anyways, that seems like alot of rust, Ford will tell you its normal however. Might have to twist the dealers arm to get them to fix it, or do it yourself.
  6. Axle Rust on 2021 F-150: My Method For Treating It

    Thats pretty bad, one thing is curious though, that barcode sticker should not have any paint on it if it came from the factory. Did you already try and spray it?
  7. FYI: Can confirm bed camera card works at OTA 2.5.1

    I have a job 1 truck and am still stuck on 2.3.0. No updates available.
  8. So I tinted my front windshield....

    This must be a down south sort of thing (windshield tint), in MN we need all the sun we can get! :cool:
  9. Eco Mode vs/ Normal Mode?

    Yes sir! Ice fishing house, pic is below.
  10. Eco Mode vs/ Normal Mode?

    I have found that towing an ice castle in tow mode, I got way less MPG than if I just left it in normal mode and selected gears myself to not have the turbos engaging so much. I would get 8.5 mpg in tow mode (8000 pound ice castle, 65-70mph), and at least 2 mpg more in normal with manually...
  11. Ford Protect Extended Service Plan - $50 Over Dealer Cost

    I think you have up to a year AFTER your purchase date to buy one of these service plans at the low cost. There is a mileage limit too but I doubt alot of people would drive 41k miles in 12 months.
  12. My PowerBoost is essentially dead

    @Josh35 Any new updates?
  13. Steering wheel won't turn

    Same thing happened to me about a month ago when temps were -30. Started the truck, let it warm up, hit reverse and couldn't move the wheel. I put it back in park, restarted, then it was fine. Dunno why/what/how but thank god it has only happened once.
  14. Axle Rust on 2021 F-150: My Method For Treating It

    I did something similar on mine, gotta say, that is one of the worst i've seen on a new truck. Ford really dropped the ball with this.
  15. Black Out Package fender emblems up close

    You got a picture with them installed? I was looking at these, but they are sold out everywhere.
  16. Jim Farley comments about ADM during 4th quarter conference call

    Only 10%? I thought that figure would be higher, seems like quite a few dealers are doing the ADM.
  17. 2022 Space White Lariat 2.5" Level, w/Limited 22s,Raptor LEDs, and Aries Bull Bar

    @RMK800SP Where did you get your Aries bull bar? They said they arent out yet for gen 14's.
  18. If you had to order again would you still get the PowerBoost motor?

    I'm with you, I have the same fox 2.0 level and I have heavier tires (Load E Falken Wildpeaks) which are approx 20 pounds MORE per tire. Increased rolling resistance and worse aero means I get around what you are saying, around 15-16mpg. However now since its winter, Im lucky if I get 14.5...
  19. 2021 Lead Foot F-150 Lariat, leveled with Fox 2.0 Level Lift -- impressions / review

    At the bottom of this page it will let you know why. https://www.roushperformance.com/2015-2016-f150-fox-suspension.html
  20. Cold start Powerboost noise

    I feel a TSB coming on @Ford Motor Company !