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  1. (Updated 8/5/22) My Review for the 2021+ FOX 2.0 COILOVER KIT! (Brand new kit made for 2021+ F-150)

    HEY ALL! Exciting news. I received my Fox 2.0 Front Coilovers / Rear Shocks from @Stage3Motorsports a few days ago and had them put on the same day. This kit is BRAND NEW FOR THE 21-22 4WD. It just came out - so I decided to give it a shot. Gotta say, Im damn happy I did. First off, I have a...
  2. Debating on lift / tire combos for my 22 2.7l

    Hey all! FINALLY got my Space White 22 XLT 302a 2.7L/4x4/3.55 Supercrew in!!! already put on my matte black method NVs from my 18, wheel well liners and tailgate letters so far. Next up is color matching all my emblems etc. the reason for this thread is……leveling coilovers choices/ tire sizes...
  3. HELP! Can’t decide on what to order! 2021.

    Hey all you other Ford fanatics! Couple of quick questions. I’ve been driving myself nuts going back and forth on what to order on my 2021 f150 super crew. I’ve decided on the XLT 302a Sport… reason being is the 501a has the UGLIEST brownish red trim colors on the inside. what I’m struggling...