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  1. Engine pinging/soark knock

    Good luck! I know that would be frustrating to say the least.
  2. Engine pinging/soark knock

    If I was convinced that my engine was experiencing pre-ignition (pre-detonation) and yet the dealership was not concerned or in agreement, I would absolutely make the effort to monitor the appropriate pids myself to determine what is true. The engine management system on that motor is very...
  3. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    I didn't mean to throw you Steve. Obviously my humor failed miserably. I had a 2021 Powerboost and discovered this thread the day Iceman birthed it. Fast forward a bit and I had applied 24 updates to the truck. Then I bought a 2022 Haven't needed FDRS in months since I bought it. Yet I...
  4. Multi-Contour Removal

    I completely agree. What broke it? I suspect a question like that might prompt an immediate answer that wouldn't really be drilled down adequately. If you keep drilling down you inevitably arrive to a time in recent history where none of these threads would even exist. Not on FORD forums, or...
  5. MPG Fun Facts for My PB (Disclaimer: No Science, Just Anecdotal Observations :))

    I've enjoyed multiple videos of his. He's so smart though that he's caused brain-siez a couple of times.
  6. MPG Fun Facts for My PB (Disclaimer: No Science, Just Anecdotal Observations :))

    I don't understand why you asked me? I didn't think my post was related to using 85 octane fuel in any way. I'm a diehard 93 guy myself.
  7. lane centering and lane drift

    Before clicking cruise control on your steering wheel, JUST click the "lane keeping" button. Look for the little icon on the instrument panel. Now click the cruise control button and watch that same lane keeping icon suddenly, but subtlety, change. That icon is now a lane centering icon...
  8. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    What you wondering Steve? You'd be miserable with a Job2 2022 There's no reason to even have an FDRS license or a mongoose. Lol
  9. MPG Fun Facts for My PB (Disclaimer: No Science, Just Anecdotal Observations :))

    You can get as scientific as you want to. :) Monitor PIDs related to various octanes and ethanol content. Things like KR (knock sensor driven), OAR (Octane Adjust tables related to timing), Spark Adv (timing before top dead center), Lambda (Air/fuel ratio).... etc What you will discover is...
  10. Powertrain malfunction/ misfire ..

    In your defense, and in order for me not to be a hypocrite, I too have done the eyeroll both figuratively and literally on many occasions after such posts. 🤣
  11. Powertrain malfunction/ misfire ..

    While I would agree that the account and its repetitive impersonal nature hasn't exactly earned much respect on the forum, recently a fella posted that his truck was suddenly "escalated" and the dealership changed their feet dragging ways, resulting in his truck being fixed much quicker than was...
  12. HDPP unicorn trucks shout out…

    My brother's truck. CrewCab XLT 3.5 Ecoboost, with a lot of a-la-cart options trying to get close to a 302A. (quite a challenge)
  13. Powerboost and ProPower shortage

    First I've heard of ProPower shortage. May as well be classified as a Hybrid or Powerboost shortage, if it's true. That'd truly be a shame. The Powerboost has been a shot in the arm for Ford when they needed it. (my opinion) It's an exclusive option that is so desirable that folks are willing...
  14. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    It actually sounds plausible, IF you are a Powerboost.???
  15. Shop installed bilstein 5100s rears upside down?

    I've thought about it often over the years. Mazda offers Bilsteins on the Miata if you want a certain trim. It really seems to cost very little and that's a vehicle that is niche in annual numbers and Ford outsells in 1 day. The cost to Ford as an oem supplier would likely be very small...
  16. King Ranch Club; Post Them Photos

    I did. (made the cut) Here is the shoulder wing. By the way, if it's actually the full recline option that gets you the wing, I find it a bit ironic. They really aren't that comfortable to me as a flat horizontal laying surface. Certainly not for an all nighter. They are nice for a deep...
  17. Shop installed bilstein 5100s rears upside down?

    Countless number of posts over the years that match your description exactly. Sure makes you wonder why Ford stubbornly sticks to their underdamped strategy.
  18. King Ranch Club; Post Them Photos

    The front seats still look pretty upscale even with the delete. I still wish that they came with the shoulder wings though.
  19. 2021 F150 Powerboost "Coolant overheating" error

    Interesting! And not surprising that the instrument panel can render warnings related to "temperature", yet NOT be pertaining to the engine coolant loop. Afterall there are separate DTC codes in the PCM for the Hybrid cooling components. I'll see if the service manual has a good section...