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  1. ATLAS BLUE F-150 (2022+) Club

    Here is my 22 Atlas Blue Lariat!!
  2. 6/27/2022 Build Week

    Thank you! Seriously I hope they stop dragging their feet and get you your truck!
  3. 6/27/2022 Build Week

    Thank you!! Started installing the goodies on it.
  4. 6/27/2022 Build Week

    Mission accomplished. 😌
  5. 6/27/2022 Build Week

    Thanks! I can't wait to get all of these boxes of add ons out of the house and on the truck where they belong. I have the short trim parts on the way to replace the crazy long ones on the front side of the rear wheel well too. One package that won't have dust on it 🤣
  6. 6/27/2022 Build Week

    I got to test drive and look over the truck today! I didn't take pictures due to the dealership not cleaning the transportation grime off of it yet. Everything inside and under the truck was looking good and fitment was great. I want to check out the paint again once it is clean. Other than...
  7. 6/27/2022 Build Week

    I haven't driven a truck in 16 years. That truck was 21 years old at that time. Do you guys have any advice or things I should look out for when i get my truck?
  8. 6/27/2022 Build Week

    I like Atlas way more than antimatter. This color was the reason I decided to order a truck this year.
  9. 6/27/2022 Build Week

    I really want to. I would even wash the black f150 next to it!! 🤣
  10. 6/27/2022 Build Week

    Thanks!! Can't wait to see it all cleaned up. It will be the longest weekend of my life to date 😆
  11. 6/27/2022 Build Week

    Drove to the dealership today just to be sure it was there. Salesman is back in on Monday so hoping I can pick it up then!!
  12. 6/27/2022 Build Week

    Well then...... that was fast.
  13. 6/27/2022 Build Week

    I hope they get that truck loaded up soon!! Nice build btw.
  14. 6/27/2022 Build Week

    I wonder if they are sending these out because of the week long shut down. Blend date of 7/3 has no chance of being fully built that week. My sticker has the same blend date as of right now. Who really knows
  15. F150 Orders Placed in Feb 2022

    Ordered 2/14. Received confirmation the same day. Nothing since.
  16. Unscheduled (No Assigned VIN) Club

    Maybe the emails are on delay now too.
  17. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (3/28) For Build Week 4/25

    My birthday is August 20th. We both have a chance for REALLY great birthdays!!!
  18. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (3/28) For Build Week 4/25

    There are many people that ordered last year still waiting for their trucks to be built. Ford is building customer orders over stock orders so that may increase flow. I ordered in mid Feb also... Would be excited to have it at the dealer sometime in the summer.
  19. New 2022 F150 ordering constraints

    I have a 502A Lariat on order, so my dealer will be removing the 360 camera option after their Order manager gets back tomorrow.
  20. New 2022 F150 ordering constraints

    Thanks for the info. I guess I will call my dealer and pull the 360 camera off my order ?