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  1. Vibration 60-70mph

    They found two of my tires a couple ounces off using the road force balance machine. I didn't get to hear which ones they were nor asked, I should have. Right after that I drove 70 miles to visit some friends and it was definitely a much better ride. Majority of that was highway speeds too. I...
  2. 05/09/22 Build week

    I'd add that there was a slight shake in my steering wheel at highway speeds around 70mph. I started to look into different things, mainly wheel balance, tire pressure, and alignment first. While doing that I came across a balance machine that does Road Force balance. Never heard of it till now...
  3. Blue Cruise Not allowing hands free

    That's definitely an interesting aspect I didn't think of. I'm trying to remember the time of the day when it didn't work, I was going southeast in the afternoon so sun should have been somewhat behind the truck. I know in the morning I drove northwest with the sun somewhat behind me as well, it...
  4. Blue Cruise Not allowing hands free

    Mine did the same exact thing. Worked great, next day on same route it was a no go. Went back the very next morning and it worked again. I think there is some logic needing to be satisfied for engaging it. When I was trying to research everything I see some of the Connected Services need AT&T...
  5. Vibration 60-70mph

    Looks like I'm joining the vibrations club. Just a little over 200 miles on the truck so far. Taking it to Discount Tire tomorrow to see about the Road Force balance and tire/rim match. Hoping it'll fix it but after reading this thread I'm not too sure it will now.
  6. 05/09/22 Build week

    I've got a small road trip coming up so I'll finally get a chance to use it. If ford had offered a turn dial instead of the handle gear shifter so that it could be folded while driving, I'd been all over that.
  7. 05/09/22 Build week

    Mine was also handed to me by the salesman. Along with the key for the spare tire.
  8. 05/09/22 Build week

    Getting a chance to help test out the newer skid plate/catalytic converter shield from Talons Garage for the powerboost trucks. They had a note showing coming soon and we need beta testers. Messaged them and got accepted. Should be here this Friday. I'm not anyone on YouTube or social media but...
  9. 05/09/22 Build week

    I'd feel uncomfortable doing a two-way road also, one little sway and that's a terrible day. It'll definitely feel different once on an interstate. Were you able to do hands free on the two-way?
  10. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Was able to go back out yesterday and it worked great again. I'm not familiar with the logic behind it, as far as what needs to be checked off to allow it, but reading the connected services side mentioning AT&T service needed I noticed it was acting somewhat strange when it didn't work. I...
  11. 05/09/22 Build week

    You need to have the lane centering aid on, in the features tab under vehicle assistance. On the steering wheel turn the lane centering button on, dash should say it's on then. Then turn on the cruise control button on the steering wheel, If on an approved highway the dash will turn blue and say...
  12. BlueCruise Stats as of 7/28/22 -- 10.6M miles logged, used by 66.5K customers, OTA updated to 15K customers, 130K miles of Blue Zones coverage

    I had that issue too. Mine actually stopped working yesterday and is now back to working today on the same highway. I dove a longer distance this morning using it and it swayed terribly. I saw on a Mach-E forum that if you make the following distance further out it helps, tried it on the way...
  13. 05/09/22 Build week

    Well Bluecruise just stopped working for me after using it 3 times in the same section of highway. Waiting to see what the dealership will do. Also seeing tons of Mach-Es have this issue just as of yesterday as well. Worked then stopped.
  14. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Thank you for the help. It was great while it worked for a short period of time.
  15. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Just picked my truck up this week. Bluecruise was working great then just stopped working. Not sure why but can anyone check to see if I have any updates pending that may have messed it up? 1FTFW1ED3NFB34807
  16. Blue Cruise Not allowing hands free

    I got my truck Tuesday this week, 5/11 blend. Bluecruise worked great. Now it won't work as of today. Tried the master reset. Shows up in my Ford Pass. 1FTFW1ED3NFB34807. Any help would be amazing.
  17. Current Shipping Delays

    That's about the extent you'll get from looking that way. It's possible to make an OVISS account and see more info about what vehicles are waiting to get to your dealership but some emails (Yahoo or Gmail for example) won't work. I've tried it on several, but some people can get it to work. It's...
  18. 05/09/22 Build week

    Officially have picked up my truck. Even with the chip hold we were lucky to have just 4 months between ordering and owning it. The process with my dealership was flawless. Price protection was never even brought up. The price we agreed on was exactly what was paid. Only sad thing was its rush...
  19. 05/09/22 Build week

    I've had that happen, I used another vin off the shared excel file and it worked while mine didn't.
  20. 75 F150s Stolen between 07/21-07/22 in Dearborn

    After the recent news of the Raptors being stolen more news came out that a total of 75 F150s have been stolen in one year from Dearborn. Not sure how much of the address given incorporates the surrounding area but looking it up drops you right on Ramp 59. I doubt Ford would even tell you if...