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  1. King Ranch Club; Post Them Photos

    It’s like Christmas but without a date certain - I know what the present is, even know it’s wrapped and hidden in the closet - but no idea when those gosh darned parents are going to put it under the tree and let me unwrap the sucker. I was in limbo from ordering in December up until it was...
  2. King Ranch Club; Post Them Photos

    Depends on the “no news” too I guess - I’m built, shipped, and at local rail yard waiting final movement to the dealership and “no news” for me is frustrating as [explicative deleted]. It’s literally less than 100 miles/2 hour haul away and nobody has any idea when it’ll actually make that last...
  3. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Oooh - let’s play a game where you order new mirror caps from the farthest place in the USA from your address as possible - and we’ll see if they get to your house before my truck gets to my dealership which is less than a hundred miles away from the rail yard! That’ll be a fun one!
  4. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Oh man - happy for you - I haven’t seen a single truck in here that doesn’t look amazing - yours is no different. Hope it runs as good as it looks!
  5. 06/20/22 Build Week

    I’m assuming part of the issue is it’s a small dealer in the middle of nowhere - but these guys have been rock solid for my in-laws literally for decades and many purchases, and are doing me right so far on this one with incentives and price protection - while waiting sucks - I wouldn’t go...
  6. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Don’t you fret - you’re not last in line my precious - after a quick haul by CSX mine has been sitting in the rail yard about 2 hours from my dealership since at least July 21st. Hopeful it’ll hit the dealership sometime this week but not holding my breath since apparently there’s a shortage of...
  7. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Yeah I don’t know much but I know me - and I’m so ready for the truck to get here I’d probably take $2 for the trade and sign up for 18% interest just to be able to drive off with it when it gets here. Best to plan ahead lol
  8. 06/20/22 Build Week

    That’s why I opted to sell the car rather than trade - even an honest dealer knows he’s got you over the coals if you are coming to pick up a custom order you waited months for - car sold for about 2k over estimated trade value and within 24 hours of when I posted it online. I also have...
  9. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Awesome news - that’s the face of a happy happy man!!
  10. SMOKED QUARTZ F-150 (2021+) Club

    Scrolling through waiting on my order to get delivered and every time I see yours I’m glad I ordered my KR in SQ and opted for the caribou wheels.
  11. SMOKED QUARTZ F-150 (2021+) Club

    You’d think if they took the order as a 2022 they’d build it with the paint you asked for but - recent events might indicate otherwise, which would really suck.
  12. SMOKED QUARTZ F-150 (2021+) Club

    I’m really interested to see what the SQ platty with the BAP looks like - the two-tone KR and lariats seem to bring out more of the lighter hues in the paint, wondering if blacking everything out will have the opposite effect. Hope it gets here soon and we can all take a look.
  13. King Ranch Club; Post Them Photos

    That stinks but I guess no word is better than weekly emails delaying it by a week.
  14. King Ranch Club; Post Them Photos

    Any word or updates on your build date? Hopefully you don’t go through too many of the build-date-bumps and they can get your truck done and in your hands soon.
  15. 06/20/22 Build Week

    She’s a beaut, Clark!
  16. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Yeah - I talked to Ford Chat and my dealership - ford thought it would be there by today but well, it ain’t. Dealership is a smaller dealer in the middle of nowhere, probably has something to do with it - but basically they’re waiting on a handful of trucks and he’s hopeful for early next week...
  17. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Nope - still sitting in the rail yard waiting
  18. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Man - Starting to feel left out of the party - Congrats to everyone who got their rides, they all look amazing!
  19. Current Shipping Delays

    I’m in railhead limbo right now - It’s in the state at a rail yard about a 2 hour truck haul from my dealership… Ford chat says will be there by the 29th (originally estimated 2nd to 8th) but my dealer says they’ve been having issues due to a driver shortage and have no idea when it’ll get...