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  1. Tremor on 35's and 2" lift kit

    He's got weight in the bed, but either way it does look good!
  2. Vibration issues with Tremor

    2k miles on mine, zero issues.
  3. Tremor Owner's Club

    Came from Canada, shipping took a while. But its quality vinyl and it fit well. https://www.etsy.com/listing/1028240246/2021-21-f150-tailgate-emblem-lettering?ref=yr_purchases
  4. Tremor Owner's Club

    Added some matte black decals. Nice OEM like modification to the rear.
  5. Love everything but the height

    It’s the first comment on there with a ton of replies by a guy named Stephen.
  6. Love everything but the height

    I believe someone else has already done something similar, they mentioned buying regular F150 blocks and U bolts and adding them and then adding a 2" level. If I remember correctly, they were unable to just remove the blocks and fasten the U-bolt back down because it ran out of thread which is...
  7. Tremor Owner's Club

    I installed some flags like this on the side of my truck tonight. I've contacted these guys to see if they could do a variation of the GN03 for the Raptor and do GN14. Maybe its dumb, I think its a cool little graphic for the Raptor.
  8. Tremor Owner's Club

    Bak Flip MX4 Installed
  9. Tremor Owner's Club

    Thank you fellas
  10. Tremor Owner's Club

    Got to detail today. Thorough wash, fallout remover, one step polish, ceramic coat. Then my wide decided to have her baby early so it’ll sit at the hospital. Also had it tinted
  11. My 2021 F0150 Tremor Leveled

    Hood vents are fake.
  12. General Grabber SL - WTF

    Meh, I mean sucks don't get me wrong. I'm sure there was a lot of intentionality into doing this. I came from a 2019 Rubicon and it had BFG KO2s and they were the real deal. But it was a Rubicon and I expected shitty gas mileage and a rough off road-esq ride. F150 is a flagship product for Ford...
  13. AGATE BLACK F-150 (2021+) Club

    Joined this club on Monday.
  14. 2021 F-150 Tremor Scheduled

    I found a Tremor on Ford's Inventory Search that was in transit to a dealer a few hours from me. Locked them into a deal at just under MSRP and they texted me yesterday saying it had arrived (2 weeks ahead of ETA). Its now in my garage. As far as I'm aware, my 21 Iconic Silver 401A w/...
  15. Tremor Owner's Club

  16. Tremor Owner's Club

    I’m in the club!
  17. Tremor Owner's Club

    I’m here now. Made the 3 hour trip, took off immediately after the phone cal lol. This was the best day this week for my work schedule.
  18. Tremor Owner's Club

    Just got this text!
  19. Tremor Owner's Club

    @BA73 you owe me full vehicle photos! I want to see some moarrr.