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  1. 06/6/22 Build Week Group

    My blend date was 6/6 but the build date in the tracker is 6/9. I think there are a few of us in the same phase, doesn't seem like chip hold is likely at this point, just awaiting shipment.
  2. Are you supposed to get the price at time of order or delivery?

    The parking assist would have been nice since I'm in a city, but I'll live. I did manage to keep AS, which I am very happy about.
  3. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    pretty sure thats what they are
  4. 06/6/22 Build Week Group

    Congratulations! For me...the Activate button showed up in the app last night and today I see Build 6/9 and I'm in "Awaiting Shipment" as well!!! Woo Hoo!!! I'm in Washington though...so...I'm a few miles away from Dearborn :).
  5. Lane Centering Hands on the Wheel

    Lifted 2" (Fox/Roush shocks) but dealer did the install and re-aligned/re-calibrated as part of the process. It's not swaying out of the lanes, but the constant microadjustments just aren't that smooth.
  6. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    I am but never have received any OTA. Have had to do all mine in FDRS. Think the build 2 trucks are in OTA purgatory.
  7. 05/16 Build Week

    I had a similar issue. Mine was shipped through BNSF, they don't have a way to track. A few people recommended CSX and NS anyways. One said the last update was in January, the other said it shipped a day before my truck was even built.
  8. 7/4 Build Week

    Order pushed two weeks back to 7/4. May there be fireworks that week for all of us.
  9. Order Regret

    I'd like to add my 2 cents, as someone who deleted a bunch of stuff off my 501a lariat, I didnt think I would use any of the intelligent/adaptive/Blue cruise, I do wish now I would have just upgraded to the 502a. Better headlights and all. One thing Im glad I didn't get was the B&O unleashed, I...
  10. It's new truck day. 2022 Lariat Sport 502A, 157, Iconic Silver

    I sold my similar 2020 for a good price after 2+ years. I liked it but made a few compromises due to early pandemic uncertainty...ormaybe boredom. I traded my 2012 that I bought new. With used prices high I figured I'd sell the 2020 and order exactly what I wanted in a 2022 and if I had in...

    I’d say that’s a pretty good candidate for your problem. Once you’ve confirmed, I’d repair by cutting the wire resting on the U-Bolt above the knot right where the wire insulation is breached and then reconnecting the other loose end. The break is bad, of course, but that other small breach on...
  12. 05/16 Build Week

    Mine and @Anseld1986 ’s were on a train car and scheduled to arrive in Jessup, MD yesterday morning at 6am. When I checked yesterday it said it was now scheduled to arrive there on Monday at 6am. Now, it says it will be there on Tuesday at 6am. so close, yet still so far. This has been one...
  13. Will this turn out to be the "Wait Time" Record?🤔

    Wow! I grew up in Pakistan where we had RHD as the standard too but usually you just got an exemption certificate and drove a LHD car as is. It’s pretty wild how they re-engineer so much on the car in a conversion, thanks for the insights!
  14. Will this turn out to be the "Wait Time" Record?🤔

    I will go with February 22, 2023 AU, but only if your order is not converted to MY23. In that happens, then March 23.
  15. Found all the F150s

    lol the rocky ridge/black widows, them guys are goons. I wouldn't get caught dead in one of those
  16. How to never miss a OTA software update! [Instructions]

    Not me. My mission in ownership of this truck is to avoid, with extreme effort, the dealership service department. At least long enough for them to get some experience. Of course warranty repairs could have me eating crow, but that's not going to be software related. I'll handle those things...
  17. Trailer brake not working

    I just finished a ~260m trip over the hills of Northern California with no issues (following the recall fix on 4/26)..
  18. All Terrain Tires for your Powerboost

    My mileage on a set of 275/60-R20 BFG T/A KO2s fell by 1-2 on the highway, but 3-5 in the city. I'm getting Weld Stealths in (a 30# flow formed wheel) next week, so I'll see how that nets out.
  19. AGATE BLACK F-150 (2021+) Club

    Finally took delivery of my truck. 6.5ft bed, 20% tint on the front windows and 70% on the back made them match pretty well. Planning on a level next.