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  1. 2021 Ford F150 FX4 swb reg cab

  2. 2021 Ford F150 rergular cab swb FX4 has arrived

    BAM! My dealer just called me and let me know that my trucks has arrived at the dealership today at noon! Its been a long wait since August. Pictures and update to come!
  3. tracking

    According to ford site,my FX4 was built on Dec 3rd, shipped via truck to Birmingham Missouri and was deliverd to Norfolk Southern rail yard on December5th and loaded on a train car. On 12/20 it was in Jacksonville Florida. now I think its in cyberspace or somewhere. Delivery date 01/01/22...
  4. WINDOW STICKER date keeps changing

    Ive been tracking my 2021 Ford F150 FX4 on the Ford Tracking website. According to the window sticker ,it was built 12/05/21. I have noticed that the last several times on the bottom of the window sticker right in the center,the date keeps changing. originaly it showed 12/07/21 .As of today it...

    I was just wondering if this tracking system is still jacked up,or will it NOT show up if my truck is already built?
  6. Order tracking system malfunction

    Has anybody elses tracking not working? My original order for a 2021 Ford F150 FX4 regular cab swb was August 27th 2021. Th eoriginal build date was set for Oct 15th,then moved to Nov.12th,then to Nov 22nd. On November 26th I got copy of wondow sticker with a blend date of Dec.03 Now when I...
  7. Blend date today 12/3 but order tracker showing "CANT RETRIEVE" window sticker

    I orderd my 2021 Regular cab,swb,FX4 on August 27th. I had my window sticker printed on 11/24/2021 with a blend date 12/03/21. I just checked on the tracker site and nows its not showing my window sticker on vehicle details. it saya "CANT RETRIEVE" anybody else haveing problems with site?

    My belnd date shows 12/03 so does that mean my parts will be available for assembly on 12/03?
  9. 2021 Regular Cab short bed FX4 Race Red,5.0,10spd,3:73 gearing

    I placed my order on August 27 2021. Original build date was Oct.15th 2021,then Nov 22nd,and now Nov 29th. I retrieved the Order confirmation from this site with build sheet with specs, now I have acopy of the window sticker and it shows status In Production. does anyone know if Ford will send...