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  1. Twister's 502A Carbonized Black Appearance Package

    Love everything about the truck. I have an XL in carbonized gray, I'd like to make it look similar to yours. Those wheels are great, but I am hesitant to put on 20's as I've heard it negatively affects gas mileage and ride quality is worse compared to 18s. Is that true?
  2. Help a total noob with wheel/tire choices for ride quality

    Ok great. So if I buy the above sport 18" wheels, I buy the lug nuts, do I also need to buy the "TPMS?" or is that something I can use from my stock wheels? It seems like all of them don't include the TPMS. Thanks
  3. Help a total noob with wheel/tire choices for ride quality

    Great. One more question for you, what size tire would be best on the 18" sport wheels for ride quality and decent aesthetics?
  4. Help a total noob with wheel/tire choices for ride quality

    Thanks for the advice. Are these what you are referring to? I could buy these and have my shop just charge me to swap the wheels? https://www.ebay.com/itm/304175540210?hash=item46d24667f2:g:BscAAOSwdXlhXfAR From my research of your suggestions, I'll probably just go with the Michelin...
  5. 2021-2022 F150 AlphaRex LUXX Series Alpha-Black LED Projector Headlights 880169

    About to purchase but undecided on black or alpha black. Thoughts for a carbonized gray with black rims? Wish we had more pics on trucks.
  6. Katzkin Leather installed in 2021 F-150 (photos)

    Hey all, how does katzkin leather smell? I ask because I hate strong smells such as new car smells or strong chemical odors which can trigger my asthma. I was considering katzkin but will need to go check them out first and see how the odor is. Anyone with a sensitive nose who can comment on the...
  7. AlphaRex LUXX Headlights

    Just deciding if I want black or alpha black. Carbonized grey truck and plan on putting black wheels on it.
  8. 06/20/22 Build Week

    West Palm, Mullinax. Hopefully we both hop on the same rig.
  9. 06/20/22 Build Week

    Email received 6/24 with an estimated delivery of Jul 18-24 to south FL
  10. Help a total noob with wheel/tire choices for ride quality

    My 2022 f150xl will be delivered in a few weeks. I have the stock 17" tires/wheels. I want something that looks better, probably black wheels. My #1 priority is ride quality. I will occasionally tow a very light travel trailer, other than that I'll be in 2wd 99% of the time on the road. There's...
  11. 2021 F-150 Overland Build

    Leadfoot is so nice.. too bad you couldn't get it on the 2022's or I'd have gotten it. Carbonized grey I'm waiting on.. should be here next month. Definitely looking to get some setup so I can camp out of it. A budget build so I can see how much I like it before I get the good stuff like yours...
  12. 2022 XL in production!! Help w/ upgrades

    Just got notice that my 2022 XL in carbonized grey is in production. I have been accumulating a list of addons/upgrades to the truck so I'd like some input from you all who know a lot more about this stuff than I do. If there is anything else you think I should look into, please let me know...