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  1. Paint Issues - An Invitation to Share!

    My tailgate is crazy chipped – dealer "repaired it" right away, but after 15k miles, and several powerwashes later, they're still there. I'm not sure. I'll probably just live w/ it. It's a truck afterall and the body is aluminum. What's the worst that can happen? (please tell me!) But I have...
  2. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    No, those are true 34" tires. I measured them. What is advertised is never the actual diameter. For instance, most 35" tires are typically closer to 34.5" tires. The best way to accurately calculate the size of a tire is to find the revolutions/mile and then use that to calculate the diameter...
  3. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    I've had zero issues! I'm at 14k miles and love it more every 1k. The tranny took a little getting used to (it to learn my driving habits, me to getting used to 10 gears). It took about 6k miles to really smooth out, but for normal driving in 2hi and 4hi it's been great! I'd say buttery smooth...
  4. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    I had a series of small issues -- noisy skid plate, Bluetooth not connecting, saggy rear end (just had to ad a leaf, but for water and camping gear), what I thought was a CV joint -- again the skid plate. Then the big ones: leaky seal (master?), And then time chain tensioners or maybe phasers...
  5. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    Yeah, I'm excited!! BTW, nice looking garage you got there (Flickr link).
  6. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    I don't have a part number -- just whatever the dealer supplied. And yes, stock suspension from the factory. With ad-a-leaf, I now have 3 leafs back there. After 14k miles, and hauling 300lbs of gear for a good chunk of that, I'm thinking I could stiffen it up more. I just picked up a used...
  7. Why I switched from a Tacoma to an F150

    I go 70 to stay on top of the washboards (obviously not 70mph continuous – more like 55/60), but as a point, it handles fine at those speeds. Yes, the video is from Hancock pass.
  8. Why I switched from a Tacoma to an F150

    Well, that's the jump I made – and I think the majority of people who use Tacomas, never even consider an F150 or Tundra (for a myriad of reasons, but size being no 1). Which I think is funny considering how many DCLB you see driving around. What I didn't include in my blog was that I was...
  9. Why I switched from a Tacoma to an F150

    The battery was a huge selling point for me. Just not the hybrid. I drove it, REALLY wanted to like it, but I felt the switch from electric to gas was clunky. I knew it was probably just a software issue, but still I left the dealership (twice) not 100%. Maybe someone drove it like an asshole a...
  10. Why I switched from a Tacoma to an F150

    Hey gents, I finally got around to writing a blog post on why I switched from Toyota (the Tacoma platform) to the F150. I've been a life-long Toyota guy, so I felt it was important to let my followers and fellow adventurers know why I made the switch (I'm a professional photographer by trade)...
  11. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    I think a rock flung up from the rear tires. Only plausible explanation. The chip is high left on the passenger side. The break has now spread as a crack across the whole mirror. I have a new one at the dealership, but will wait until it warms up to replace. Thanks for the advice! I'm not...
  12. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    Yes, I agree with you here! I also like being able to fit front mud flaps and chains. My plan is to get an aftermarket bumper in a few years, which will greatly improve tire clearance up front. But before then, I definitely won't go bigger than 34". I really do think the 285/70r18 is a solid...
  13. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    Lol ... A few from a snowy day out w/ my stock size winters on it.
  14. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    +20 I won't be buying new rubber for a while, but I just broke a mirror, so I definitely need to bring in the offset. Next set will most likely be 285/70r18 or even 295. Just want to be setup.
  15. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    Do you know what offset those Raptor takeoffs are? The dealership agreed to sell me new wheels at cost. I just want to make sure I can fit 285/70r18 if I buy new wheels.
  16. Colorado WTB Sliders or Low-Pro Steps

    Cool. I would do that, but I'm in Colorado. Oklahoma is a bit far. Let me know if you come out west.
  17. Ordered Bushwhacker Extend-a-Fender – not impressed

    Where are you located? I have a set of matte black extend a flares I'm waiting on the RMA from Real Truck. Never mounted, brave new in the box. Just a big tall for my liking.
  18. Colorado WTB Sliders or Low-Pro Steps

    How much do you want for them? Would you be willing to ship? Also, why are you selling?
  19. Ordered Bushwhacker Extend-a-Fender – not impressed

    If you guys didn't see my last post, I started a thread weighing interest about the Xenon fenders. They haven't developed 2021 fenders yet, but could make it a priority if there were enough interested parties. Check out my feed here...
  20. '21 Space White XLT – Built for thrashing

    Man, you guys are all making me want to spend some money on new wheels!! But, I just don't think I can quite justify it. As of now, Im very happy with the build: - the tire size feels just right - responsive, yet tall enough to get me through some crap. Light enough the acceleration didn't take...