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  1. Tail Light Manufacturing Defect?

    While bending down to pick something up off my driveway last week, I noticed some questionable manufacturing on the front edge of my tail light. Same on both sides of the truck. I assume everybody's tails look the same, but I haven't seen it mentioned on the forum. I know this is nitpicking...
  2. Anti-Theft Armed Indicator

    I might be missing something, but is there a light or indicator anywhere on the dash/console showing when the alarm is armed? Every vehicle I've owned with a factory alarm has had a flashing red light somewhere to reassure me that the alarm is set. I did RTFM, and it basically says that the...
  3. Truck Delivered with Dirty Undercarriage and Rust

    Picked up my new truck on Friday and didn't really have time for a thorough inspection until Saturday afternoon. I'm pretty happy with the overall fit and finish so far; doors are aligned, panels seem straight and tight. I'll post a separate thread with my initial impressions of the truck...