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  1. Brakes release when stopped on slope (Powerboost)

    I often stop my truck on the down ramp of an underground parkade while I wait for the garage door to close behind me. The ramp incline is 11 degrees as measured by the truck. About 2 seconds after coming to a complete stop with my foot firmly pressing down on the brake peddle, the brakes let go...
  2. F-150 PowerBoost Hybrid Beats Raptor in Dirt Drag Race [Shocker by Edmunds]

    The F-150 Hybrid takes the opportunity to flex on bigger brother. Superior torque launched the PowerBoost to victory. Weight and massive tires may have doomed the Raptor. We sure didn't see this coming. The hybrid-powered Ford F-150 PowerBoost took down its bigger brother, the Ford F-150...
  3. Adaptive Cruise Control Turned Off Notification

    I'm still making discoveries about my '22 F-150 Lariat 502A. I have long been a been fan of using Cruise Control, and have only had vehicles with "standard" Cruise Control. This is my first vehicle that utilizes the technology of Adaptive Cruise Control. I fully appreciate the features and...
  4. Odd sound coming from behind dash?

    I have yet to capture this sound, but thought I would ask if anyone has it as well, and what if anything to fix it? Basically, only while driving, I can hear what sounds like something "bumping" around back there. It does not happen while idling or stopped. I wouldn't call a "rattle" because...
  5. Moon roof Glass Question: Does the glass UV protection?

    I have the Lariat with moonroof. I like to drive with open shade. I am wondering if the moonroof glass has UV protection because my skin is sensitive to sun
  6. Max Recline Option Dropped

    Of course, we already knew that here.. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/2022-f-150-product-offering-changes.10378/
  7. Sync Cuts out Randomly

    Hey guys, Does anyone else have issues with the ford sync cutting out randomly on the iPhone? It’s the strangest thing I’ll be driving down the road listening to Amazon music and all of a sudden the music goes from a stereo sound to almost sounds like the music is playing through the backup...
  8. License Plate Bracket

    Just received my truck a couple days ago and wanted to install a tinted plate cover, but the OEM bracket has clips on top (screws on bottom) which don't let the cover seat properly. Any tips or replacements? I do not want to drill any holes. Without cover With cover
  9. Navigation Connection Issues

    I have a 2021 F 150 Lariat Power Boost with sync 4. I just started seeing this message today every few minutes when I setup a new route. Does anyone know what I might be able to check to resolve the problem?
  10. Iowa Sold: Ford Accessories tonneau cover

    5 and a half foot cover, bought and installed 3 weeks ago and decided I’d rather have a hard cover. Nothing wrong with it and no defects, comes with all hardware and parts but no instructions. I bought it for $500 but am asking $300 obo before shipping.
  11. F-150 Returning to Australia

    https://www.news.com.au/technology/motoring/motoring-news/ford-f150-confirmed-for-australia/news-story/156212a650ff356ffd81b6e223241bab Ford F-150 confirmed for Australia March 28, 2022 America’s best-selling vehicle is on its way to Australia, giving pick-up fans tough decisions to make at...
  12. F-150 Rattler reveal coming tomorrow says Farley!

    Sounds like an off-road focused F-150 based on Farley's mention of "trail."
  13. Lightning @ Chicago Auto Show

    Walkarounds (and inside looks) at Iconic Silver Lightning at the Chicago Auto Show.
  14. Cybertruck initial production reportedly delayed until early 2023 [Reuters report Jan 13]

  15. Dealers asking for $5K - $30K ADM markup on 2022 F150 Lightning!

    Update: don't forget that there are still honest MSRP dealers out there -- see List: F-150 Lightning dealers that do / don't apply ADM (price markup) Way to go Rodman Ford. :mad: Definitely won't be ordering from you. Anyone else's dealers come up with these ADM schemes yet? If you...
  16. White House releases plan to build nationwide network of 500,000 EV chargers

    https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/statements-releases/2021/12/13/fact-sheet-the-biden-harris-electric-vehicle-charging-action-plan/?utm_source=link "No later than February 11th, DOT will publish guidance for States and cities to strategically deploy EV charging stations to build out a...
  17. [Update: Ford Denies and Maintains Deliveries Start in Spring] ? Ford Webinar Reveals New 2022 F-150 Lightning Timeline: Jan. Order Bank, June Prod...

    Updated December 3, 2021: Ford denies this timeline from their own representatives on the webinar and says that deliveries will still begin in the Spring: Update after watching the webminar: While this was mostly focused on fleet talk, the one big relevant reveal for us retail order...
  18. No electric Super Duty Lightning in Ford's current plans

    Per https://insideevs.com/news/550764/ford-superduty-lightning-not-planned/ Ford has officially ruled out making a heavy-duty electric pickup truck, at least for now, as it focuses on starting production of the F-150 Lightning, the electric Transit van and the vehicle (or vehicles) that it is...