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  1. PowerUp version?

    How can you find out what PowerUp version you’re on? My dealer got the stuck OTA fixed and updated so that BlueCruise work but when I check for software updates it just says I’m ”up to date.” why can’t Ford just be transparent about software issues?? EVERY other electronic device I own will...
  2. F150gen14 website ads

    I mostly browse the site on my iPad. Lately ads have started popping up on the right side taking up about ⅓ of the screen. It doesn’t happen on every page load and will go away if I reload the page. Anyone have an idea how to make it stop?
  3. Jumpstart curiosity

    We recently bought a Toyota Sienna hybrid. I discovered Toyota explicitly warns against using a hybrid car to jumpstart an ICE vehicle. You can jump another hybrid or jumpstart the Sienna with an ICE. I don’t see any warnings like this in the F150 manual. Everything about jumpstarting sounds...
  4. Platinum Tailgate Plate Wrap

    Decided to tone down the silver platinum tailgate. I used Vvivid Ultra Gloss black wrap. BEFORE PIC
  5. Platinum wheel makeover

    I’ve been wanting to do something to improve my platinum wheels. Today I added Vvivid Ultra Gloss black automotive film to the center flat areas. Applying film is pretty difficul, especially if you’re not experienced (I‘m not!) The difficulty comes in fitting the excess film around the deep...
  6. Found a nice little touch

    Just noticed the American flag dash trim. Well done Ford.
  7. Bed upgrades!

    Installed a Bed Rug mat and Undercover Swing Case. Super simple installations. I agree with other reviewers- theirs a LOT of room to make the Swing Case bigger. I would really prefer to see it hug the wheel well. Similar thoughts on the Bed Rug. I wish it were cut to very closely fill the bed...
  8. Fold flat storage delete

    Swapped out the fold flat storage for the Duha under seat storage from my 2017. I think the fold flats would have been fine if I didn’t already have the Duha. I keep all my tools under the seat so I’ve never had the need to put anything large in the cab. Slight differences in how they’re...
  9. Rear seat entertainment options

    We recently sold our Pacifica with significant rear seat entertainment options for the kids. It’s looking like the F150 may be the new family road trip machine. What are you guys doing for movies/entertainment for the kids on long trips?
  10. How accurate is the MPG gauge?

    I just did my first fill up today so haven’t been able to do any hand calculations. How accurate have you found the computer calculations to be? My 2017 was almost 2 mpg more optimistic than reality.
  11. I think I found my phone mount

    This looks like a promising option for phone mounting. I’m thinking about pairing it with a Ram Mount wireless charger. Does anyone know of a discount code for Ram? https://getoffroam.com/collections/ford/products/phone-mount-kit-2021-ford-f150#specifications