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  1. RoadWire Leather Seat Covers installed in 2021 XLT

    I put katskinz (heated) in my old ‘14 Tremor, and liked them better than my new lariat lol. If I bought an XLT this would be my first mod (I’ve seen good reviews on this brand as well) I was scared they would be lesser quality or not fit correctly, but I was wrong.
  2. 2022 License Plate LED's

    Goose, did you replace the cargo lights as well? Just look super bright in the picture.
  3. Leer HF650M Tonneau Cover Review with Photos! - Install & First Impressions

    I installed the 650, and think it's great. I've never had a cover before at all, so I have nothing to compare it to. I did like the lack of wide rails, drain tubes, etc. I do expect it to keep out honest people, but not shed off a monsoon. I think my expectations have been met.
  4. Skwrtle's lifted FX4 build.. **Video on page 2**

    at least we know who has money!! (y)
  5. Day 1 weird issue - Tweeter speaker continuously clicks.

    That makes it sound like a loose connection. I wonder if those plugs for the tweeters are still behind the removable side dash panels? Also, if I were having this issue, I would probably swap the left and right and see if the issue moves to the other side.
  6. "6 inch extended dark gray accent running boards"

    The 6” is the width.
  7. Kicker Aftermarket Speakers & Amp Issues

    I have attached below a wiring diagram of your system. What they should have done is use "high level inputs" instead of a LOC. The amp only has RCA style inputs therefore they should have used these: (https://www.kicker.com/2-channel-speaker-rca-converter) they are just speaker wire with RCA...
  8. Kicker Aftermarket Speakers & Amp Issues

    Tell me exactly what oem system you have. Is it 7 speakers? Also the exact model of your amp. And I’ll see if I can help. Yea, your gains are too low (probably since you were trying to get rid of the noise), but that loc has gains too. They were supposed to set the gain on the LOC first, then...
  9. Is it really happening?? (15 month update)

    What did gas cost when you ordered? lol
  10. Kicker Aftermarket Speakers & Amp Issues

    That pac unit also has a gain that has to be set correctly. I would have them toss that loc, and just wire straight to the amp. All 4 channels, so your fader and chimes will work correctly. Head unit->amp->speakers. That start up noise could be from them using the pac loc remote wire to turn...
  11. Tire noise - stock Hankook's versus Toyo ATIII's

    What the hell is a kph? Jk. Awesome data. That makes me want to go measure my cabin db with the fake engine noise activated/deactivated.
  12. Torque for 3.5 EB oil change

    Yea, I got the one mentioned above. https://www.factory-manuals.com. You send your vin and they build a manual for you, and then send you a link to download (pdf). I keep a copy on my home computer, and one on my phone. You don’t have to get the wiring diagrams, but I always do. I’ve had them...
  13. Torque for 3.5 EB oil change

    I bought one of those workshop manuals online.
  14. Lane Keep Assist Not Working?!

    There are more options to lane keeping than just on/off.
  15. Kicker Aftermarket Speakers & Amp Issues

    Uggh. Can you just return it all? Anyway, without knowing what the tapped for signal it’s hard to tell. Sounds like they tapped the rear speakers and that’s why your chimes don’t come from the door speakers. The tweeters and dash are still playing chimes because they aren’t running through your...
  16. Malfunctioning Running Boards

    Yea, def spins like a dsm.
  17. My reverse level (lowering) experience using drop shackles

    @Littlefield82 I think it’s a little high, but not crazy. I did shackles on my old 14 Tremor, and removed blocks on my current truck. The shackles are a bit of a pain. Raise this, remove that, lower the axle, raise the axle, lol. But really the charge for the blocks and the washers is a bit...