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  1. 2022 Order Bank Closing 5/13. 2023 Model Year Ordering Opens 7/18

    No. I'm saying they only have current model year trucks in them.
  2. 2022 Order Bank Closing 5/13. 2023 Model Year Ordering Opens 7/18

    INFORMATION 2022 Model Year F-150 - Important Retail Order Bank Update ACTION REQUESTED Inform your teams that the final day to submit new customer retail orders for 2022 Model Year F-150 is May 13, 2022. This applies to the XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, Platinum, Limited, and Tremor trims on...
  3. 26 April Production Constraints

    I agree with this 100% As someone who was in sales for Ford, and now work in Purchasing, its a nightmare and there are no solid answers. All these guys complaining about how Ford is messed and blah blah blah have no clue of the nightmare.
  4. Dealership is unable to activate Blue Crusie

    So I took my truck into the dealer (that I purchased it from) for a couple repairs. 12v charging system service, transmission skipping 2nd gear and slamming into 3rd, the recalls, and an oil change. They were able to make the repairs within a day or so but wanted to keep my truck longer to...
  5. 03/21/22 Build Week Group

    I Did the same thing today, my dealer has gotten 4 trucks this week they ordered for the lot, all with blend dates long after mine, I had thought Ford was prioritizing all customers orders over dealers orders
  6. 05/02/22 Build Week Club

    I received my Window Sticker on 4/27 with a Blend date of 5/6.
  7. Airlift vs RAS

    I’ve been giving Bilstein more consideration since the 6112s came out and feel I should considering my proximity to their headquarters. That may actually be the ticket, 5100s, RAS, and Hellwig in the back, with the 6112s out front. Should be able to just add a zero to the GVWR sticker with a...
  8. 3/28 Build Week Group

    Interesting... I wonder why you are at 28 days on yours but the ordertrack.app says one other vehicle has spent 18 days 2 hours.....(in reference to me I assume cause I have been over 18 days in production. ) I would think it should say 28 days and however many hours... Does this mean that...
  9. Antimatter Blue Accessories

    I did not.
  10. Adaptive Cruise and incorrect speed llimits

    I have not found any way to send speed limit corrections to ford. There are tons of roads around me that are off by up to 10mph and there is no reason for it as the roads have been at the current speed for years
  11. Ford factory drop in bedliner?

    I ordered the drop in on my 21 with an 8’ box fits just fine and does not move around that I can tell. the plug/covers over the small tie downs in the lower corners are pretty watertight as well. the front of my bed fills with water and will stay full until I drive the truck forward. there are...
  12. 3/14/2022 Build Week

    Got pushed again. From the 21st to the 24th, which is a Sunday so not sure how that works. I’ve passed a month of being built and being in the shipped status. Literally just sitting at the rail yard waiting to go the last few hours to the dealer for weeks now. *Edit- Forgot to mention chat...
  13. Tailgate lettering : raised or flat?

    Did the same for the same reasons. I bought mine off etsy. Flat black on rapid red.
  14. New guy here, need help choosing

    Hello guys and gals, just needing some advice / opinions. I've decided on getting a 2023 F-150. I'm sure there's multiple threads of this, but I'm torn between getting the 3.5 ecoboost and the 5.0 coyote. My main drawback with the 5.0 is the new cylinder deactivation and how that will affect the...
  15. F-150 Lightnings aplenty...Ford Rouge staging area / storage lot!

    It may not be posted, but security will get involved if it gets obvious you're not supposed to be there. The main security office if right down the road from that lot. Once you turn off of Miller Road you are on private property.
  16. Final Steps to Bluecruise email

    I don't think so. They have been kinda slow for me too. But I'm almost done.
  17. Final Steps to Bluecruise email

    Received 2.5.1 this morning. Almost there.
  18. F-150 Price Increases Coming April 13, 2022

    That usually means that something that came standard is now an option that would have to be paid for.
  19. Ford Continues Alexa In-Car Rollout For F-150, Now Offering Personalized Voice Commands

    I hope there is a way to completely disable this "feature". The last thing I need in my life is another woman spying on my every word.