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  1. Strange high pitched scraping noise

    Did you marry my ex-wife? 🤷‍♂️
  2. Android widget

    And, it seems they put two tires on it :ROFLMAO:
  3. 5.0 + E85 Fuel

    I followed your lead on getting ahead of it. But, certainly come at me? Right? Piss off!
  4. If you had to order again would you still get the PowerBoost motor?

    So far, I have only (y) other posts. But. I love my PB. Did not order it. Read about it during the Texas freeze a year and a half ago. Searched for it and found one 50 miles away. Said to the wife ... do you want to go look at a truck with me? Ummm, NO! Do you mind if I buy it after...
  5. Non matching spare tire

    Oh hell, now I have to go look ... if I remember tomorrow.
  6. 5.0 + E85 Fuel

    Of course, it is not the tank that is an issue. It is the burning temperature of ethanol. Just saying 😌
  7. Is this just how things are now? Multiple issues with Powerboost

    No, it is not how things are these days. But, it happens. Especially on first generation anything. I have a 21 XLT Powerboost with no issues. I feel for the people that have problems! But, supply chain issues are real. These things happened before. But, it was generally an easy...
  8. Tools/gadgets for the powerboost

    Also, I am a Ryobi fiend! I pack the tools and one of these 6 battery chargers with me.
  9. Tools/gadgets for the powerboost

    I have a jump box that will maintain the battery if plugged in and full. Under the back seat and always plugged into the back of the console there.
  10. 22MY (job 2) - has both 7 way and 4 way connector

    My 21 XLT came with the 7 pin and 12 pin (only 2 wires) along with the 7 pin to 4 pin adapter. I already had a 7 pin to 4 and 5 pin adapter. So, I tossed theirs.
  11. Simply put, I want Eco Mode to be my default startup mode for my Power Boost.

    I agree with the initial premise. But, I always want sport mode unless I need to select a different one. All the same (y)
  12. Extremely loud electrical POP followed by loud static

    The subject made me think of my ex-wife! Eww eww eww!
  13. I am puzzled about people buying a vehicle from Ford Motor Company

    There seems to be some selective reading going on here. I (along with many others) absolutely love my truck and have posted that in many threads on here.
  14. Spray in bedliner

    Oddly enough, the spray on bedliner companies around here are not short on liquids.
  15. P25B3 and P25B4

    Awww, don't rename her. It isn't her fault :cry:
  16. Sync 4 software issues

    @Ford Motor Company
  17. Hidden Key

    I don't disagree. Just saying it outloud :p
  18. Aftermarket bumper on my ‘21 PB.

    If be surprised of a negative impact. You might find the person who 'wants' it too. But, could also save the original bumper for those that don't.
  19. Hidden Key

    Someone finding the key could also use the space under the cup holder. Just saying.
  20. The EPA fuel economy is possible! See Inside*

    I can get 24mph between home and the airport (32 miles mostly highway) if I drive like my grandma. 20 if I drive like me. All good.