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  1. F-150 Price Increases Coming April 13, 2022

    Geez, the Raptor's prices are up over $4000 since the start of the year. I've literally been calling dealers all over the country and only found one that is only charging MSRP.
  2. Been out Tremor shopping

    Yea, they still do that one price, One Person, one hour. I made a big mistake and sold my Gen2. I made good money on it but I should have kept it. I would buy a Gen3 but they're nearly impossible to find on the lot and most dealers either don't have allocation or they are running massive ADMs...
  3. Been out Tremor shopping

    In what seems to be an endless quest to find a new truck, I found myself test driving a new Tremor yesterday. I found one at Schomp Ford in Aurora, CO. First off, I LOVE Atlas Blue. It’s slightly better than my previous favorite, Velosity Blue. I also like how the orange accents pop with the...
  4. What other cars/trucks have you owned?

    I have the same disease as Hoovie. I tend to flip cars a lot. I think I might be missing one or two. 1979 Celica Supra JDM 1986 Ford Laser JDM 1987 Toyota Corolla JDM 1994 Suzuki Swift GT 1995 Mazda B3000 1993 Infiniti J30 1989 Mazda Miata (wife's first car) 1972 VW Type 1 1998 VW New Beetle...

    IMO, it's not a good idea to buy any used vehicle right now. $62K does seem on the very low side of current prices, but that just makes me think there is an issue with the truck. But even at $62K it's over inflated. My 2018 Raptor had a sticker price just under $70K but I got it for $61K. It...
  6. Ford Files Patent For Multifunction Tailgate

    I’ve always liked Ford’s tailgate step but GMC’s MultiPro tailgate really sets the bar on what can be done. I like that Ford is looking to up their game, but that particular design isn’t going to cut it.
  7. 2024 Chevy Silverado EV

    The Explorer EV is already in happening. However, it was recently delayed. I haven't heard anything about an Expedition EV but you just know it'll happen. I suspect Ford will build that on the TE1 platform, sometime after 2025. I ordered a Silverado, but really it's just hedging in case my...
  8. 2024 Chevy Silverado EV

    I need to see more, but I actually kinda like it. However $105K is no bueno. You'd think GM would offer their value brand at a value price considering the Sierra EV is going to start with the Denali trim. If they start with a version at ~$50-60K, I think I'd consider it. $105K sounds...
  9. ?‍? F-150 Lightning Build & Price Configurator Now Live! Post Your Build

    I tend to agree. Indications are that the EV Silverado is based on the same platform as the Hummer EV. That ain't gonna be cheap. Tomorrows presentation will be interesting.
  10. Selling Reservation Time Slot/Stamp?

    I won't lie. I'm tempted to buy and flip a Lariat.
  11. XLT with ER starts at $74,169 glitch ?!?

    I’ve been saying that the Rivian was very favorably priced when compared to the Lariat, but the XLT+ made more sense. But a $9500 required premium package changes everything. You can get an R1T with the upper level adventure package for less money. My Rivian arrives sometime between Oct and...
  12. XLT with ER starts at $74,169 glitch ?!?

    I am very doubtful it’s a glitch. It does help me though. The XLT+ ER was the trim I would have seriously considered over the Rivian R1T. With this, there is no doubt I’m going for the Rivian.
  13. ? 2022 F-150 Lightning Order Bank Playbook With Pricing! ? Ordering Begin 1/6, Build & Price Tomorrow 1/4!

    So does this mean, if I'm in Wave 1, I have until March 31st to actually place my order and NOT lose my place in line? Or could someone in Wave 2 get ahead of me if I don't pull the trigger within a week?
  14. Ford email confirms F-150 Lightning orders starting at “beginning of the new year”

    I'd need to see some evidence of that. The draft vehicle is taking advantage of the low pressure air pocket behind the trailer. That pocket is there whether a vehicle drafts behind them or not. I have a hard time believing that would even cause parasitic drag. More likely, the truck drivers...
  15. Ford email confirms F-150 Lightning orders starting at “beginning of the new year”

    Absolutely. Mythbusters even did an episode on it. Following just 100ft behind a semi improved fuel economy by 11%. At 50ft it went up by 20%. at 20ft there was a 27% improvement. at 10ft, it goes up 40%. Fuel economy when down when following even closer at 2ft. Obviously, 2 and 10ft is stupid...
  16. Build Back Better Bill Dead? Will 2022 Lightning See $7500 from Existing Program?

    Manchin returns to the negotiating table. https://www.axios.com/scoop-manchin-new-play-2cb59ff0-1577-44bf-81a4-a0d72b7e9be2.html
  17. Ford email confirms F-150 Lightning orders starting at “beginning of the new year”

    This is the kind of stuff I’m curious about. While the vast majority of my driving will be within 150 miles of my home, I will occasionally make trips from Denver to DFW and Louisiana. Historically, that’s when I’ve made the biggest attempts at maximizing my driving efficiency.
  18. Inside Rouge Factory: Atlas Blue, Stone Gray, Oxford White F-150 Lightning + bonus Iced Blue Silver pics

    I wonder if the next gen Lightning will eliminate that transmission bulge.