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Search results

  1. BFG KO2 vs Toyo Open Country AT3

    From just the tire change? No lift?
  2. Are you supposed to get the price at time of order or delivery?

    I do not believe the price is the truck to the dealer changes from when you last ordered. It changed from 21 to 22 order.
  3. Anyone else being told their order is being pushed to 2023 MY?

    I don’t think pushed is the right term. More like canceled. This happened to a lot of people with MY21 orders. You will not be price protected and your dealer will help you make a new order. Ford offered incentives to place a new order. But it wasn’t a push or a bump you straight up canceled.
  4. [Photo] Camping with induction cooktops and mini-fridge using ProPower

    I think induction is a great idea for camping with a pro power truck. Takes up same space as a camp stove. I also live in Colorado and respect the danger of any fire in the back country.
  5. MPG: Tire Weight vs Diameter on Powerboost

    Also consider if you need to live in 4a 4h. I’m in CO and still spend about 99% my time in 2h.
  6. What do you call your truck?

    the truck
  7. Powertrain malfunction/ misfire ..

    I had similar issue, but only lasted for about 20 sec. Got the same alert. Seems ok after that, but I took it in and they tested and found a bad spark plug.
  8. shudder/grind noise/rumble strip noise

    Does anyone get alerts in FordPass app after it happens?
  9. Blend date to delivery, how long?

    A little over a month
  10. BAK MX4 Tonneau Covers @ Stage 3

    Interested in price for x4s on a MY22 6.5 bed.
  11. 01/03/22 Build Week

    Picked up on Thurday and drove back to Colorado to get home just in time for a foot of snow to fall. Frist hot take, lane centering is really good. Made the drive home very relaxing.
  12. Where to buy Ford extended service plan?

    Lots of info here.. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/extended-service-plans-esps.592/
  13. Pedestrian Sounder Delete (No Codes, Easily Reversible)

    I'm ok with a simple plug-and-play style bypass that can be done in 10mins.
  14. 01/03/22 Build Week

    I'm picking it up Thursday afternoon! Excited to finally not be wondering about when I will get my truck I first ordered in June of 2021.
  15. I have 2H/4H/4L, where is 4A?

    Chapman, Granger, or Koons
  16. I have 2H/4H/4L, where is 4A?

    Just need patience and order from a dealer that does invoice prices. You can easily get a Lariat PB for under 56. Probably around 51 if you don't get any options.
  17. Shipping Limited PowerBoost

    I would be questioning your dealer on what is taking so long.
  18. I have 2H/4H/4L, where is 4A?

    You only need a mid level lariat to get 4a. Which is about 6k more than a 302a.
  19. HELP! My21 to My22 Incentives- where are they?

    Do you know what each rebate was for?