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  1. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    I'll wager you are going to get platinum seats without active motion, a la a KR 600a vs 601a. I rethought mine and cancelled monday afternoon once the dealer confirmed Max Recline, Active Motion, & Adaptive Steering was removed from my 80k truck... If someone else made a comparable powertrain...
  2. Detailed Information About Ford Ordering & Scheduling Process

    that is not accurate Someone's watching Tim's videos as well haha! This is true, I have made a few changes while sitting priority 2, dealer followed the same process.
  3. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (5/2) For Build Week 5/23

    and the all important dealer allocation being more important than priority. But yes constraints rule all, otherwise I would've been scheduled weeks ago as the highest priority and one of the longest still on the books at my dealer. Damn max recline.... Tough time to want new shiny things...
  4. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (5/2) For Build Week 5/23

    ahhhh yes, I will cancel my build if indeed they are going to delete and build vs let it sit/rollover. No interest in a devalued truck, as it is the 21's are going to be worth more than a 22, and more than a job2 22 for sure with all the deletes. Sad times.
  5. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (5/2) For Build Week 5/23

    If I kept the Lariat build I'd probably have a truck already, but i couldn't deal with another 5.5' bed or the brown inserts on the sport. So I went to a KR, but as we know, its not getting built as planned anytime soon. Currently searching the country for a used one that checks the boxes...
  6. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (5/2) For Build Week 5/23

    The dealer can set your priority anywhere from 10-19, its arbitrary and completely manual by the dealer. The only way to move to a 2 is to have Ford Regional involved because a request was made from the dealer, or they have noticed your order has been sitting for an extended period. I started...
  7. ⏱ 2022 F-150 Scheduling Next Week (5/9) For Build Week 5/23

    Confirmed from three dealers here as well. 5/13 is the day they are being told.
  8. Order Banks Closing?

    If you CAN order what you want and wait, do it. If you're impacted by the restrictions, may be best to wait. 23s are going to cost more, and may have less.
  9. Unscheduled (No Assigned VIN) Club

    Not sure what you mean. I have a 601a on order that has the same equipment as your platinum or more. I'm not getting anything in my truck if Ford forces delete and thus I will be cancelling.
  10. Unscheduled (No Assigned VIN) Club

    wouldn't have them anyways on a 600a. But my 601a still waiting looks to be a butcher by the time its "built".
  11. Unscheduled - Smoked Quartz

    SQ is only available on Lariat and up
  12. 26 April Production Constraints

    I checked in with my GM and my build is 1-3 + powerboost. Per his sheet on Tuesday nothing on my build is restrained. Anyone know if these constraints are regional due to allocation grouping? I.e. Northeast (Boston) may have different allocations this week vs another region? Reason I ask, is...
  13. King Ranch on order, being built, built?

    Agreed, I drove a 157 Platinum with AS and it was much nicer in the parking lots. The all wheel steering has to be a whole new feeling with body roll on a large vehicle.
  14. King Ranch on order, being built, built?

    I added it to my order 2 weeks after initially submitted, hasn't moved mine along unfortunately. I did because of the speculation, but after doing more thinking I have no interest in removing on my 157".
  15. King Ranch on order, being built, built?

    Ordered 1/5/22 157" 601a, powerboost, two tone, bluecruise, moonroof, max recline, work surface, 360 camera, tow package, mirrors, adaptive steering, etc. Been a priority 2 since February (originally had a lariat on order 11/9/21 changed from BAP due to "late availability"), still unscheduled...
  16. Black Appearance Package for 2022 F-150 -- First Look

    Keep us informed, this would be great news. Doesn't mean they have all the parts for everyone, but at least it's moving!
  17. Black Appearance Package for 2022 F-150 -- First Look

    Do you have the delete code? I was going to remove mine (BAP) when received but if they can be skipped in the first place....