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  1. 5.0 idle sounds?

    The 5.0 is a dual overhead cam design. The gm has 1 cam This is why the 5.0 makes much more power than the Chevy 5.3 or whatever it is. Can adjust timing on exhaust valves and intake seperatly, without having to change cams. Plus 4 valves typically move more air than 2. So your v8 has 3...
  2. 05/09/22 Build week

    Dare I say......... That is great news. Jobu will be happy to get back to 1 glass of Rum.
  3. Detailed Information About Ford Ordering & Scheduling Process

    No its not. Its all a crap shoot. I ordered an XL on 2/11. High volum dealer. No VIN yet.
  4. Detailed Information About Ford Ordering & Scheduling Process

    If your dealer told you 8-12 weeks, i would leave and find an honest dealer. 12 weeks ain't happening. I ordered on 2/11 from a high volumn dealer. Still no VIN on an XL. I was told to expect 3-6 months.
  5. V8 Cylinder Deactivation Solutions?

    Not by me, but others on this forum.
  6. Regular Cab Short Wheel Base - show yours

    Those two look better than mine! Hopefully Ford builds it better than I did.
  7. Regular Cab Short Wheel Base - show yours

    Here is my XL 5.0 w3.73 Fx4. ....on order since early February. No VIN yet
  8. Production Halted Again

    Yeah, not sure why posting info from last year.
  9. V8 Cylinder Deactivation Solutions?

    Tow mode also stoos cylinder deactivation and is not as aggressive as sport mode.
  10. 05/09/22 Build week

    Thats crazy
  11. Have you confirmed forced delete options?

    What is multicountor seat and what trim level introduces?
  12. What are your Truck names in Fordpass app?

    Curently, the Ranger is Beelzebub. Order number was 0666. No clue what i will use for the F150, at this rate will be Missing.
  13. 2022 F150s May orders - just in the nick of time!

    I ordered a second truck on may 9, just to up my odds. It seems Ford is not intetested in building my XL, so duplicated order in XLT trim. Bunch of stuff i dont want, but here is what was ordered. 2022 F150 XLT Regular cab 6 1/2 bed Atlas Blue 4x4 5.0 w/3.73 locker LT tires 301a mid Carpet...
  14. 2022 F150s May orders - just in the nick of time!

    I have not, though the dealer did and forwarded. I called support just to make sure order was accepted amd clean.
  15. 05/09/22 Build week

    Just a thought. Not sure of course. Seems like Ford does "runs" of those.
  16. 05/09/22 Build week

    I highly doubt anything related to Raptor ot Tremor has any relation to F150's. Ford is probably planning on one more run of Tremors, and pushing all remaining. I would not correlate any on this to non raptor/tremor builds
  17. 5.0 Dyno Results With intake and catback exhaust

    Common sense? Heres common sense. A company that is highly respected and a leader in their field does not get to that point by lying. Common sense is providing proof of claims of deceipt.. You are making claims that a company is riping off people with zero facts. I think you have no clue...
  18. 5.0 Dyno Results With intake and catback exhaust

    And you are wrong. Wheres your proof? You are making unfounded allegations against the top company in their field. They have years of proof and happy customers. Many validated dyno runs by customers. You have what?
  19. 5.0 Dyno Results With intake and catback exhaust

    Um, you are missing the point. The engine is rated at 400hp. That means 365 at the rear wheels if you are lucky, running 93. The dyno is 440 at the rear wheels. That is impressive. Period. Whinning about 87 or 93 octane is a waste of time. 93 will get a little more power. Everyone...
  20. Has anyone been told they are on "Plant Hold"??

    I would think this is a quality hold. Or recall that needs to be taken care of. Something didnt let it pass final inspection.