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    Personal update.... I ended up painting the Platinum letters. Got tired of waiting.
  2. Powerboost Fuel Gauge Issues

    I'd guess you have a bad sending unit in the tank. Just get it to your dealer. Warranty fix....
  3. Your biggest DTE (Distance to Empty reading)?

    Mid 600's is the highest with my Powerboost. But it was showing mid 300's during the cold Michigan winter.
  4. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    I made a 240 mile round trip from Michigan to Ohio and back yesterday and my summary on the way down was 23.1 and on the way back was 22.6. Only about 3 miles of electric each way. Plenty satisfied with that. Running 87 octane Sam's Club gas...
  5. Navigation - Android Auto

    I looked at Waze and one, don't care about police locations. I have no need to speed and this truck is far from something I'd want to play with. Two, the graphics (at least a couple of years ago) looked like they were designed for and by a 5 year old. I'll stay with Google maps... ;)
  6. Navigation - Android Auto

    So, I'm an old fart that has an "if it works, why try something else" mindset. Anyway, I upgraded my phone from a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra a couple of weeks ago. The phone immediately got Android Auto running and the "button" along the bottom of the screen showed up...
  7. What kind of MPG mileage are you getting with your Powerboost?

    If it's dragging, you won't be able to hold your hand on the wheel after driving. It'll be smokin hot.
  8. Powerboost long term storage

    Some stabil and Battery Tender.....
  9. Ford…..another disappointment!!

    Not joining the pity party. Y'all don't think Ford is delaying production on purpose. I wanted to swap trucks because I had issues with this one last year. But, I know there's no way of knowing when an order will get built. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed mine has been fixed and will stay...
  10. New Tachometer is bugging me!

    I like seeing 0.0 while driving. ;)
  11. Is hand calculating MPG accurate?

    It's easy..... Don't. One less "worry" for you. I do look at the LOM which is consistent even though not accurate in order to see if there is any significant change in the mpg which might indicate potential issues.
  12. F150 fold down shifter issues resolved?

    Mine worked the one time I tried it out. Put a dial in its place like Ram and Mustang and it becomes a non-issue.
  13. Plastic cab corners!!!

    Same thing on the previous generation.
  14. Aries Power running boards for the Powerboost???

    I think it's a good option for a lifted truck.
  15. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    I was painting with black enamel yesterday, decided to paint the Platinum on the tailgate.
  16. Locking Fuel Door\Cap to Keep High $$$ Gas Thieves Out!!

    I've had capless vehicles since 2008. Both Ford and Ram. I've never had issues.
  17. Is this normal (water between the doors)?

    Normal. Always wiping that area. Not air or water tight. It gets wet and/or dirty
  18. 2021 King Ranch “Grounded” indefinitely due to driveshaft recall 21S56 - any ideas ?

    Never happened with the air bag recall 8 years ago. Took me 8 months to find a dealer to take my 2013 Roush RS3 because it had a defective air bag recall with no parts available. Never heard or read about buybacks for that.
  19. Locking Fuel Door\Cap to Keep High $$$ Gas Thieves Out!!

    The thieves just drill holes in the tanks now. Faster. https://myeverettnews.com/2022/03/08/everett-police-say-thieves-now-drilling-holes-in-gas-tanks-instead-of-siphoning/ https://balleralert.com/profiles/blogs/car-owners-in-atlanta-say-thieves-stealing-gas/
  20. Wireless Charger Overheating Phone?

    My phone doesn't get any warmer than it does on my home wireless charger. But.... I only use it to charge the phone when it's not running anything. I don't use android auto or stream music in the truck.