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  1. Adjustable headrests

    I did read somewhere Ford was dropping the adjustable headrests on some of the trims or altogether... something to that effect...just can't remember exactly.
  2. Adjustable headrests

    I just have factory base radio.
  3. Adjustable headrests

    They were in my 2021 XLT 302A package. Was not something that was ordered other than part of the package.
  4. Can max speed be increased with forscan

    The speed limiter is because the truck tires are only rated for 105 MPH. or 170 KPH. I learned this from a GM mechanic a few years back when my 2011 F150 would cut out at 160 KPH. I guess lawyers have gotten involved as well.
  5. Random Clicking Noises

    Mine does as well, I think it is the proximity sensors detecting an object in their range/area and turning on a circuit to check for the flob.
  6. Not-in-EAP-and-Waiting-for-BlueCruise-OTA-updates Anonymous

    One thing I noticed about the Wikipedia list is that is seems to be more for the MME's than the F 150's .....IMO
  7. Tailgate lettering : raised or flat?

    Yes they are a PITA....I made sure I had lots of soapy water and just kept moving them around till I was happy with how they looked.
  8. Non matching spare tire

    Reading this thread, I had to go look. I have General Grabbers LT 265/70R18's on the truck as well as the spare. Only thing is the spare is on a steel rim that has the cutouts like a mag.
  9. Powerboost Fuel Gauge Issues

    Try filming you filling the tank and then getting in and starting the truck. Let the phone pickup the sound of the handle clicking off and the sound of fuel coming up the fill pipe.
  10. How hard is it to tap into the 12 cigarette lighter plug?

    I just wired in a dash camera and used Add-A-Circuit from Amazon. Use CCT 35 on the passenger side kick plate. I would suggest connecting your camera to that cct, it is the run/start for the 400 w converter. Run the wire behind the glove box and out by the 12 volt outlet on the dash. There is...
  11. TPMS sensors for Trailer

    The readouts are now on the Sync screen along the top, in each corner for each side.
  12. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

  13. Android widget

    Thanks again for all your work in developing this app for us android users.
  14. Android widget

    I just download the file to your phone and email it to your self ...get your email on your chrome book and install it.
  15. 22MY (job 2) - has both 7 way and 4 way connector

    I have a 21 XLT 302a April 21 build It came with both the sensor and stickers. Haven't got a trailer to pull so I haven't tried them.
  16. P or LT?

    I have LT's on my XLT and cold pressure is 41 lbs Edit: I have General Grabbers (Factory)
  17. 22MY (job 2) - has both 7 way and 4 way connector

    I wonder if Ford is going wireless for the trailer TPMs.
  18. 2021 Ford tailgate damper issue

    Could the bracket on the tailgate be upside down. Can it be move to the top of the pivot point verses the bottom? The would reverse how the shock works. EDIT: Just watched a Youtub video, the lower end of the shock is to be down when the tailgate is closed, and comes up when opening.