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  1. Not-in-EAP-and-Waiting-for-BlueCruise-OTA-updates Anonymous

    Ok update on the 2.8.1 hangup. My truck was just recently updated from the version that caused the screen backlight to remain on, which was causing the truck to go to low power mode after a couple hours. Prior to the constant batter drains of Ford’s flawed OTA update, my truck would remain at...
  2. Not-in-EAP-and-Waiting-for-BlueCruise-OTA-updates Anonymous

    In FordPass Wig it shows 12. Used to show 13, but my truck has 38,000 miles so it is due for a battery to die. Lol. I’ll hook to trickle charger and see if that allows the update. Im trying to figure out how people are to get OTA updates, if their new truck can’t maintain 12v battery voltage...
  3. Not-in-EAP-and-Waiting-for-BlueCruise-OTA-updates Anonymous

    So mine won’t install 2.8.1. I have park brake set, windows up, doors closed, etc. I have tried the update 3 times and it failed each time. What gives?
  4. Still stuck on PowerUp 2.3.0 - Should I be concerned?

    Oh yeah, and I’ve been in EAP since August 2021, and have only received 2 emails with a survey. Thank you Ford EAP for keeping me on the cutting edge of technology. This truck Will be outdated before ford releases anything worthy of claiming “Early Access”. Just more marketing crap to sell...
  5. Still stuck on PowerUp 2.3.0 - Should I be concerned?

    Did everyone here get any OTA update movement this week? Job 1 (purchased Jan 2021) that had never updated to 2.3.0 /2.6.0. I was at 1.7.1 forever, and then 2.1.0 for a while after that. Last week the truck updated to 2.3.0 and then re updated to 2.6.0 via multiple small updates within 2 days...
  6. Not-in-EAP-and-Waiting-for-BlueCruise-OTA-updates Anonymous

    And now I have 2.7.1!!!! Just a few hours later. I guess what happened is ford spent millions suckering me into purchasing a PB Platinum with BlueCruise prep, all for me to wait tirelessly for an update that never came. Purchased Jan 2021. Updates to 2.7.1 on 5/10/22. Still no bluecruise.
  7. New BlueCruise email for complimentary year - Not in EAP

    I just got the 2.3.0 to 2.6.0 re-update last week. Good thing I have been in EAP since Jan of 2021.
  8. Livernois Tune is live!

    I used Livernois for things back 10+ years ago when “they were one of two in the USA” that tuned the vehicle and chip I had. Seeing them be one of the first few people to tune the 21 Powerboost doesn’t surprise me. They are good and they actually make these tunes through trial and error, vs...
  9. Livernois Tune is live!

    Wow! So we’ve got people talking about an aftermarket tune which allows 100 ponies, and then saying that it may decrease the OEM lifespan of said components? Or worse, void warranty! This sort of chatter is really funny folks. Almost as if prior to Powerboost we somehow weren’t voiding...
  10. Livernois Tune is live!

    Yeah! everything that person said!
  11. Livernois Tune is live!

    Pretty sure cracking the PB electrics and calibration is sort of a big deal. I feel this is news worthy.
  12. Anyone more worried now about 11th hour ADM?

    I purchase gasoline from the place I have citizenship. I’m sorry your gas is so expensive, but the US healthcare system is a lot more expensive vs Canada. Gold healthcare for 2 adults and 2 children costs 1800 dollars per month, for my family. I could buy 225 gallons of your expensive Canadian...
  13. Anyone more worried now about 11th hour ADM?

    Has it? Pretty sure “middle of last year” I could fuel up 30 gallons for 80ish dollars, and now it cost me 125 for the same tank. Pretty sure I got booted from this forum for a few days “middle of last year” for stating that the current administration didn’t care about fuel prices and...
  14. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    Which proves that any current new X86 Intel or AMD Windows machine will work fine for FORScan. The program is communicating with the truck at very low speeds, so really any x86 windows machine should work fine.
  15. Sync won't remember settings, Dashboard Errors, Transmission Lunge

    FYI when I had access to the motorcraft service manual from ford, there was a TSB or GSB with these exact same symptoms. It made specific reference to the ford assistant coming on even though no buttons are pressed. You will need to get with a dealer to pull your vin to check TSBs that apply to...
  16. Complimentary year of BlueCruise expected starting Q1/Q2 2022

    Maybe the cop needs to learn how to move off the highway when pulling over on the side of the road. Why is it that Tesla gets blamed when the officer’s unit was clearly in the roadway. The cop’s car didn’t have an overhead light bar to boot, so they should re-think their emergency lighting...
  17. Some stats on the PowerBoost hybrid system

    Just in case anyone here is interested, I have 33,000 miles on my PB, and all the stats (voltages, amps, and SOC levels of 40% to 68%) appear exactly the same on my FORScan. I was only able to reach 68% SOC when in Sport or Trailer Tow mode.