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  1. Can max speed be increased with forscan

    I maxed my truck out to 105 or whatever the max is and I did not enjoy it. That's a shit ton of weight flying down the road without the maneuverability of a race car.
  2. Bluecruise OTA Status?

    You got a ways to go, you'll need to get to 2.8.2, but you are on the right path if you are starting to get OTA's again https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Power-Up_Version_History
  3. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    80 is the max that BC will enable on my truck,
  4. So what IS the latest/current Sync4 version?

    I hope @Jesse-Infotainment looks at the log and sees what they actually did.
  5. New BlueCruise email for complimentary year - Not in EAP

    Yeah thanks though for looking out. And we all know why Ford is so behind, they can barely get an OTA out the door without problems. And like you mentioned on the other thread look at the complete debacle they have with the TRM recall. We only see a small fraction of people who think they got...
  6. New BlueCruise email for complimentary year - Not in EAP

    Yeah I had that option turned on for a bit, but I live right next to I-10 in Houston so it came on every single time I would drive. I'm more thinking of something less annoying that doesn't include a popup on the panel.
  7. New BlueCruise email for complimentary year - Not in EAP

    One thing I wish @Ford Motor Company would do is to add a small icon on the Instrument Panel that indicates you are driving on a BC enabled highway. Just a simple Blue "BC" icon or something would be awesome.
  8. Rear Camera Display: "Full View Not Available"

    So I just took a test drive, I don’t even have the option to view the tailgate at speed. Job 1 2021 build. Edit - I know she's dirty, its cleaning day....
  9. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Do we have confirmation the dealer has to clear the recall? Just updating the module won’t update it?
  10. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    I wouldn't mind it being THE fix, I got a week long trip with my TT in a couple of weeks! I haven't had trouble yet, but still!
  11. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    Ohhhhh? @JEB is the resident trailer expert I'm sure he'll chime in soon.
  12. Rear Camera Display: "Full View Not Available"

    Is that the tailgate camera, at speed? I know the bed camera doesn't have that message, nor does the hitch view.
  13. Mods/Accessories Under $400?

    Talons Garage Cat Anti-Theft plate - https://www.talonsgarage.com/product-page/f-150-transmission-skid-plate Husky Wheel Liners Weathertech Mud Flaps Husky rubber bed mat (keeps things from sliding around in the bed)
  14. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    Installed the Talons Garage Skid Plate/Catalytic Converter Anti-Theft Plate since they are getting stolen all the time here in Houston. Also installed Husky wheel liners as well. https://www.talonsgarage.com/product-page/f-150-transmission-skid-plate
  15. Forscan, warranty claims, and you.

    FWIW I left the double honk edit through all my module updates and didn’t have any issues.
  16. Forscan, warranty claims, and you.

    @apMechorse It seemed alot of the Forscan edits to either the IPMA or IPC seemed to give the most trouble for folks.
  17. ECU module programming guide using FDRS

    My guess is the people that dealers are talking to, "IT", are just first level helpdesk type folks that aren't really the guys that designed the software. If a dealership actually was able to talk to a true software engineer I have no doubt they would see what you do or more.
  18. FordPass - Scriptable Widget V2022.XX (iOS, iPad, MacOS)

    @tonesto7 Got it updated, still getting this error when I look at my OTA data: Any idea what it could be?
  19. Recall #21S56 - Loose / Sagging Underbody Insulators (Driveshaft Fracture Hazard)

    Just a warning, it's likely you didn't get the "fix" for the trailer brake recall as it's a giant mess and nobody seems to know when we'll get it. This thread has far too much detail about it all...