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  1. B&O Unleashed sounds..meh

    on pandora it kicks tail listening to the WHO or ACDC toss in a bit of 2 live crew from back in the day OH me xxxx love you long time freakign sounds good through it, the headrest speakers are great for my left ear deaf problem.
  2. What are your Truck names in Fordpass app?

    2022 f150 or 2012 edge havent given much thought to naming it
  3. Incoming Call Accept Reject Won't Clear After Answering

    mine just shows the number and not the name assigned to said name. and in my contacts trying to set emergency #2 it wont find my entry in my phone under MOTHER. its simply not there, and when i hang up it takes a longer to actually drop the call, and when a call comes its it makes a LOUD static...
  4. powered running boards

    Anyone know when ford switched the programing of the deployment to include both sides when only one door opens? on my 2016 expedition only the board on the side you opened would deploy. as in if i opened the passenger side, that was the only one that dropped down. i find it odd to have the...
  5. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    lets talk glare free setting for headlights (LEDS) i have auto high beams, and it seems we can switch to glare free. which lone of code needs adjusting thanks
  6. Forscan, warranty claims, and you.

    where was the code change for the glare free enable? i may have to try it for tonight
  7. Forscan, warranty claims, and you.

    glare free. is indicated by teh green A my truck has that now . i could not find a direct quote in manual to indicate glare free or otherwise only the brights are set to AUTO which i loved in the superduty in the woods, so far i haven't driven at night yet in the 150.
  8. powered running boards

    Today i finally had a light bulb moment and noticed both running boards deploy if driver door is opened. and also both will deploy if passenger is only door opened seemed weird my 2016 expedition would only deploy the driver side if that was the only side opened wonder why they changed the...
  9. Forscan, warranty claims, and you.

    from personal exp if you fluck up the change of a sequence or code. it will do the change then the changer (person) has to check if the outcome is what they expected and it works. if not you go back to as built and try again or stop. this in no way would void a warranty. the vehicle will not...
  10. Forscan, warranty claims, and you.

    he is full of dooooo dooooo forscan does not in any way reconfigure ECM, it only enables or disables settings that ford already had built in the system for different trim levels or brands under the ford umbrella the dealer can easily put your truck back to asbuilt . he is just being a karen...
  11. 2021+ F-150 FORScan List / Database / Spreadsheet ?

    yes drop me a PM with the other line that needs changing i would rather do them all at once thanks
  12. Ford Accessories has poor customer service

    ford accessories knows exactly where it is. i had an issue last week with splash guards, called the ford acc site and the guy told me when and who signed for them i then called the parts guy at dealer and BOOM they were there. for some reason the email failed or ??
  13. Ranch Hand Brush Guard for 2021+

    did you ever get the sensor issue resolved? i think this is what i am going to have to go with to get a frame to mount a front hitch (light duty) and how is it holding up now thanks

    did you remove the pimp panel or did your truck not have one? i really am not a fan of my reat pimp panel
  15. What did you do TO your F-150 today?

    filled her up...just a tad under 29 gallons, but lots of dollars the wheel well liners have to be the easiest thing in the world of hard stuff. they take less than then 2 minutes, but make a WORLD of visual difference .
  16. FordPass app issues (4.15.0 iOS version)

    not to jump the gun, but my ford pass was acting wonky last night. real slow to connect and then locking up. i turned off phone and rebooted. seemed to fix the bug. my pass also removes and adds features at will. plus the digital supplemental owners manual keeps taking me to the lighting...
  17. Is there a "dog mode" when away?

    my dog would most likely sit in drivers seat and watch the people and maybe figure out how to change radio stations. she is a ham
  18. firdst fill up today

    I had right at 1/9th tank showing with 79 miles to empty i put in a squish less than 29 gallons, it read 28.79 gallons lets not talk about cost but the truck has 36 gallons tank with that math the truck was reading less than 11 mpg. this is my first fillup and have only 611 miles so far so...
  19. Your biggest DTE (Distance to Empty reading)?

    filled up this morning it showed 610 dte mind you this is my 1st fillup since i bought the truck last month and avg mpg reads 16.7 and climbing, last week it was 16 and week before 15 .8 36 gallon tank . my super duty showed 712 and 23 mpg with a 34 gallon tank, at 78 mph sustained. i hope...