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  1. 6/13 Build Week

    The love from Ford just keeps coming. I just received another email informing me I've now been bumped AGAIN. Now my build week is 7/4. 🤬
  2. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    I've been wondering the same thing. Can we later add these missing features? So far I've not seen any thread specifically to retrofitting the multicontour, max recline, or adaptive steering OR the active park assist. Now that pretty much every single F150 that's about to go down the line...
  3. Who has the most parts??

    I have a few parts waiting for my Platinum scheduled for build date 6/20 (bumped from 6/13) -console cup holders with LED light ring -LED lights for console storage and glove box -ac/heat controls with digital display in knobs I'm about to order wheel well liners, oem mud flaps, and stubby...
  4. 6/13 Build Week

    Well, I just received an email from Ford pushing me to 6/20. Let the emotional rollercoaster ride begin.
  5. 6/13 Build Week

    Maybe you got lucky. They sure removed mine - the dirty bas#[email protected]#s. I actually test drove a KR today that had them. I had to turn them off. They were a big distraction for me while driving. Maybe I would get used to them once I got comfortable and settled. I'm less annoyed about losing them...
  6. 6/13 Build Week

    Click the link in the email. Then expand the "Accessories" menu and you'll see them listed there.
  7. 6/13 Build Week

    I just got my vin and assigned 6/13. Hope it holds. They removed the multicontour seats and my Carmelo leather. Ordered 3/28. Platinum, PB, 701A
  8. Transmission shudder

    My 2003 T-Bird does this when a coil goes bad or gets wet. It was a big problem for the T-Birds. We had several replaced under warranty. The washer fluid was known to leak and then drip down and under the coil covers. Taking the T-Bird through a car wash with undercarriage spray is a big no no.
  9. PLATINUM Interior Photos & Videos (2021+ F-150 -- 14th Gen)

    That looks really cool. My first thought was "Where's the Flux capacitor?"
  10. Have you confirmed forced delete options?

    I’m keeping my Platinum order. I’m hoping all they are removing is the massaging components and the seats will look all the same, but if the seats look different I’m walking. Ford seriously needs to learn how to communicate.
  11. 2022 Order Bank Closing 5/13. 2023 Model Year Ordering Opens 7/18

    I wonder at what point (date) Ford will convert open MY22 orders to a MY23?
  12. Cup holder light installation/media bin light/glove box light

    I would like the digital heat controls. I'll PM you.
  13. 2022 F150s Ordered in March

    I think Ford's management of the truck orders is about as sophisticated as post-it notes on a wall. They have clearly demonstrated they don't really know what they are doing.
  14. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    Thank you! I was planning on doing that analysis this weekend. I really suspected the credit they are giving was far less than what they were charging. My saleaguy told me my order wasn't affected. I sent the info to him and they reached out to the regional ford rep. Yup, my order IS...
  15. Adjustable headrests

    Uh oh. That could also be a problem for me. I have a Platinum on order and just assumed they would be adjustable. If the angle forces my head forward then it will cause the herniated disk in my neck to flare up and cause me horrible pain. I need that thing pushed back.
  16. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    So when did Carmelo leather start requiring chips? Only the Platinum gets this color option and I would guess maybe 1/3 or less owners go for this color. Did the workers at the leather vendor boycott working with the color?
  17. Latest 2022 F-150 Order Guide Released (Updated Monthly) - U.S. & Canada

    Yup. They don't say Texas is Ford Country for nothing. There are loads of F150 and F250 all over Dallas (where I live). Go out to west Texas and it's all you see.
  18. Latest 2022 F-150 Order Guide Released (Updated Monthly) - U.S. & Canada

    I received an email in March with this image which is why I placed my Platinum order with Carmelo and all the bells and whistles. Good incentives and I could order the truck MY way and not have to settle. Now I have to accept losing more features or walk. That is not what I signed up for. I...
  19. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    So does losing the multicontour seats also mean you loose the lumbar and other adjustments that basic seats have? I just sent my salesguy an email 'cause we needa talk. I've already given up active park assist, adaptive steerings. Now I have to give up Carmelo (I hate black leather seats) and...
  20. 2022 Limited arrived w/o Active Park Assist 2.0

    The first Ford Authority link posted by F22 states that park assist can be added at a later date for the F150 when parts become available. I hope that is true. I'd love to add it to my Platinum when it finally gets built. I have it aon my Escape Hybrid and love it. It really helps around town.