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  1. What do you call your truck?

    The only car I ever named was a 72 Plymouth Satellite I bought in 1980 from a friend that worked for the Nuns of St Mary's of the Valley in Beaverton Or. I called it the Nunmobile Still waiting for my PB Lariat but I think I will call it the Chick Magnet :love:
  2. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! ?

    I guess I should say hi to everyone I joined the F150.net forum in Feb and never thought about book marking the page had to google it and found out there were several forums and I ended up here. Chatted with Snakebitten several times on the other one ( Hi Bruce) Lots of good people here and...
  3. Forscan, warranty claims, and you.

    also I'm curious can you tell the dealer you him to make the changes you did or is that something he can't do unless requested by engineering?
  4. Forscan, warranty claims, and you.

    Wouldn't putting it back to Asbuilt and then trying the 1.7.1 update be proof if your changes were the cause or not Just a thought
  5. Unscheduled (No Assigned VIN) Club

    Nice very nice congrats
  6. After ten long months She has arrived.

    Yeah baby