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  1. What are your Truck names in Fordpass app?

    Perry so I can say to Ford, "Hey, Where's Perry?"
  2. What do you call your truck?

    If I ever get my truck and if it is still a platinum when they finish the build it will be Perry the Platinum according to my kids, so I roll with it. Right now I just say to Ford, "Hey, Where's Perry?"
  3. Detailed Information About Ford Ordering & Scheduling Process

    So I know I went with a dealership that had a smaller lot compared to others around this area. I am in a large metro area and there are some mega lots out there that area about 5 times the size of my dealers lot. I only went with this dealer because they had given me a good deal on a previous...
  4. 4/4/22 Build Week Group

    OK so I see the PCM also sits behind the back seat and it is related to the Tear tag.
  5. 4/4/22 Build Week Group

    So just curious did you get a tear tag on the As built when you got modules. As I understand it they don't give a tear tag until the TCU is installed. Makes me wonder if it got Yoinked somewhere. Hope they get it fixed for you soon.
  6. 4/4/22 Build Week Group

    chirp.........chirp..........chirp..... This thread used to console me. Your comradery was wonderful over the last couple months. Now you have all moved on without me... So lonely.....:cry: I will hang out with the Jan and March chip hold crowd and complain there some more.. :ROFLMAO:
  7. Detailed Information About Ford Ordering & Scheduling Process

    Yep I wished I had read these things before ordering. I would have found a different dealer. Not that my dealership is bad, but I would have found a dealership with higher volume and a salesman who knew about commodity restraints and the details of scheduling. I chose my dealer cause they had...
  8. Has anyone been told they are on "Plant Hold"??

    From your fingers to Fords ears we pray! ;)
  9. Has anyone been told they are on "Plant Hold"??

    Still waiting on my plat PB ordered on 8/28/21. I was told I was on plant hold and that they were going over things to make sure the truck was right before they released it. This was after I talked to them on the 5th because that is the last date they had given me for an ETA. Now my ETA is...
  10. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    This sounds so weird. It took a week for my active park assist removal to show up in my Window Sticker after the announcement. Then again the WS only was updating weekly back then. In the ford vehicle order tracking it took two weeks to change. Now my WS is updating daily so I assumed that...
  11. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    Check your window sticker. Mine has been updating daily for a week now. My blend date was 4/5 but it has been in production since 4/4. My window sticker still says seats with active motion. I assume that they would remove it if it had been deleted from the truck like they did when they...
  12. What is it?

    For the younger crowd, I was just talking to a group of people and realized they were all under 35 and none of them had actually seen Monty python. Jokes not as funny if you have to explain it.😤 Consult the book of armaments chapter 2 versus 9-21.
  13. What is it?

    It is the pin that you pull then count to 3 no mor no less. Not 4 and 5 is right out.
  14. 4/4/22 Build Week Group

    Yep or 100s of trucks ordered months after yours get scheduled with build dates months before yours . Then to finally get a build date and to have yours be chosen for the hold while 90% of the others ordered and built after yours are on their way to or in someone else's driveway. Don't get me...
  15. 4/4/22 Build Week Group

    So it looks like 3 of the 4 oldest orders on the 4/4 schedule week are still unbuilt while half the trucks listed for the 5/2 build week are in the shipped status. Ford marketing says my truck is on hold by the plant but can't tell me what that means. Anyone still in production besides me from...
  16. 3/28 Build Week Group

    Well, Called marketing just a few minutes ago. They said I am on a plant hold and that the vehicle would not be released till estimated date of 5/20. I assume that means it won't be completed till then and the shipping wait will start then.:censored:
  17. 3/28 Build Week Group

    Thanks for the number. Ordered Aug 28 2021. Order accepter 8/29. Seems like forever but then I see others who have waited longer. Then I see others who got scheduled way quicker.
  18. 4/4/22 Build Week Group

    Nothing. They update the sticker weekly until it is shipped. Mine does the same. In vehicle order tracking it disappears on Monday and comes back on Tuesday.
  19. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    As you point out it may affect only 10% of the vehicles but that is about 70,000 units based on last years sales or almost half of the projected Lightning production for 2022. If I were in charge. How about when we have commodity constraints we build trucks in the order that the parts are...
  20. 2022 F-150 Product Offering Changes

    While we in the forum can certainly dismiss each other, as a Ford shareholder it seems to be a weak business practice for Ford to say, "Bye Felecia" to to many of it's current customers. While they aren't saying it outright it appears their actions speak louder than words. Angry customers...