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  1. New BlueCruise email for complimentary year - Not in EAP

    As to the 2-8 hours nonsense, my Platinum was in the shop from noon last Tuesday until late Friday afternoon, and they STILL hadn't loaded all the software. It just sat there connected to a laptop hour after hour. I have to take it back this Thursday to "finish it". When a module finishes...
  2. Recall #21S56 - Loose / Sagging Underbody Insulators (Driveshaft Fracture Hazard)

    It took 69 days but I got my new driveshaft this week. My dealer (Bozard) was great, they made sure I had a loaner and even gave me a 2020 KR so I could go camping for a week. But still, Ford looks pretty pathetic taking 69 days to replace a driveshaft.
  3. Platinum with Max Trailer Tow Payload

    Hi all. My 2021 Platinum has been sitting at my dealer's for a month waiting for a driveshaft, and it seems likely it will be there more than another month. The dealer, who I know well, has offered to order me a new 22. ( I'm sure he knows the Florida lemon law better than me, but it does say...
  4. Recall #21S56 - Loose / Sagging Underbody Insulators (Driveshaft Fracture Hazard)

    Before you get too carried away with "don't take it to the dealer"...I'm getting ready to go camping for a couple of weeks so I called my dealer yesterday. They said 1 out of 10 that they've inspected has a problem, but they don't know when they will get any parts. I asked to please have it...
  5. 2021 PowerBoost and Towing... Terrible MPG while towing

    We pulled a 30', 7700 pound trailer from Florida to the St Lawrence Seaway and back. 4,500 miles and we averaged 10.9.
  6. Anyone get a problem free 2021 F-150?

    10,000 miles on mine. Towed a 30 ft camper for over 4,500 miles. The only Major was when I went to put in gas - it was only the 2nd tankful- and it wouldn't take fuel. Dearborn got involved, and they replaced my whole fuel tank. Past that, nothing major. Now and then the Sync 4 will barf...
  7. 10,000 mile oil changes, really?

    I was getting ready to tow my new camper about 4,500 miles, and the truck had about 3,400, so I went ahead and changed it. I'm closing in on 10,000, and the truck is telling me its time for an oil change. I monitored it on the trip and I'm think there are sensors in this truck that are...
  8. Need some engine input

    My '21 Platinum with the 3.5 ecoboost is my first truck. I also have a Mercedes GLS 450 with a 3.0 twin turbo. The truck is faster, quieter, and I like the seats better. The max tow rating on it is 14,000 pounds. I get 20-21 mpg normally, and I just finished pulling a 7,500 pound trailer...
  9. SYNC4 Navigation for RV travel

    We are in the middle of what will likely be about a 4500 mile trip. Sync Navigation features a "Trailer Routing" setting. You enter the data about your trailer, and the routing you get will be trailer friendly based on your weight, height, width, length. We are traveling with another couple...
  10. Whats this key for?

    It is a duplicate of your the key in your key fob. It locks/unlocks the door, the center console storage, and the lower glove box.
  11. Can't Put Gas In My Platinum

    This is new. I have had my F-150 Platinum for 3 weeks. Frankly, I love it. Quiet, great ride, outstanding tech, and that engine is a beast! Wednesday, I took a long drive and put enough fuel in to make it to my local station (a Buc-EEs.). Yesterday, I went there to fill up. The pump kept...
  12. Is the tailgate SUPPOSED to seal?

    I have taken delivery on my first truck - a '21 Platinum. I noticed the other day that light just streams around the sides, which to me means water will to. So I'm asking those of you with experience if the tailgate is supposed to seal tightly?
  13. How Long Are You In "Production"

    UPDATE. Update. Update... I guess patience would have paid off. This afternoon, the Tracker updated to say my production date was 2/5/2021. Also, I went to the Ford site, and it says my Platinum should be delivered to my dealer in Florida in 22 days.
  14. How Long Are You In "Production"

    My Platinum went to "In Production" status last Saturday. The Build date on the Window Sticker was Feb 3. I know post-production it would have to go get the spray-in bed liner. That being said, at this moment there has been no change in status of any kind. Nothing posted for "Production...
  15. How noisy are A/T tires?

    No idea. Truck is scheduled to be built next week.
  16. How noisy are A/T tires?

    My Platinum is a 4x4 with the off-road package. Anybody have an opinion about how "noisy" these tires at highway speeds? I ordered the off-road because of experience with National Park roads, but I'm wondering if we would be better off with M+S tires since the vast majority of our driving will...
  17. In Production + Sticker

    This morning the status finally changed from "In Processing" to "In Production". A month ago the estimate from the factory was a build the week of 2/1, so maybe I'm on schedule. I also had a window sticker waiting.
  18. Unscheduled/Clean Question

    I've had my VIN # for over a month, but I'm still "in order processing". Platinum, Ecoboost 3.5, 4x4, Max Tow.